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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 31

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So maybe The Trooper shouldn't have been the FIRST song i tried to learn on guitar...   (Yes, that IS 76 tries!)   http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q195/strido527/thetrooper_zps5f988039.jpg

Take a look at @@Smile and @ they started a few weeks ago as beginners and now both are in the top every week. Motive has been on fire recently and what they both show is dedication to learning. We al

Hello all, from now on I have switched over to bass. I really want to focus on that instrument for a while to see if it's something I want to continue with. After all I did buy this from my brother!  

@ sorry I confused this song with a different one so no problem with the slides on this one for me.


Finally getting used to the Arpeggios in the MC song so here is a little update to my score. 




amd a bit of an improvement on the Intermediate



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I do all right until I hit the solo and lose all confidence, fingering wildly with no focus like a inexperienced stripling in the midst of his first sexual experience.

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First timer here.  I don't know how regular I'll be with this, I've got a pretty busy teaching schedule, and I tend to not be too competitive when it comes to stuff like this.  BUT, I realized that this is a great way to get active in the community here more than just testing customs and making a few of my own, and also to discover new music that might not be on my radar.


That definitely applied for me this week.  I didn't know The Cult or the song "Fire Woman" by name, although once I heard the song I knew that I had heard it before.


I'll definitely be entering on the bass side if/when I am participating.  This week, "The Trooper" is tougher for me than "Fire Woman", so I'll go straight for MC class.  I'm not too fussed about my results being tracked, so I may end up dropping down to Intermediate some weeks if I'm more into the song there.  Anyway, here's my 2nd try result (first was a 96 point something):

--EDIT-- (updated to actually 4th try after finally breaking down and doing some riff repeat work, 2nd was a 98.1)


Posted Image


I'll see how much I can improve on that in the short time left this week.





Whoops, realized I'm a week behind.  Didn't see that the current one is pinned -- my bad.


I guess I'll edit the photo above to my 4th try score and move on to the current.  Or maybe wait for next week.


Milkman Dan

My YouTube channel  (bass playthrough videos)

My Customs Download Folder  (my customs)

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