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Please Advise ASAP



So I've got a Fender Starcaster, my first guitar.  Now I'm not sure if it's because it's cheap or not but when I try playing hammer ons and pull offs I just get an annoying buzzing sound.  Is there a way to fix this problem?  I play with the guitar volume setting at 57 in windows and manual dial for both tones set to 1 and volume 7-10.


If there isn't a way to fix this and it's because I have a guitar with crappy pickups what should I be looking for price wise and what brand?

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What are you trying to say I need new speakers? I have Klipsch 2.1 speakers and their not the greatest but I don't think the speakers are to blame for the buzzing.


Restitution means restoration of something lost or stolen from it's proper owner.  I don't think the word makes sense how your using it dude.

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There's buzzing and then there's buzzing... Does this happen ONLY when you're playing hammer-ons and pulls-offs? If so, it might be a question of technique. It can take a while to get these.


It's possible you're not fretting properly -- you might not be getting enough downward pressure on the hammer. Do the strings buzz when you're fretting a normal note?


Do you get this buzz everywhere on the neck, or only a specific note? Fret buzz could be a sign that the neck doesn't have enough relief, meaning it's too straight -- a guitar neck normally needs a slight amount of bow in it to allow the strings to clear all the frets. Since this is a Starcaster, there's a chance the neck has moved -- a change in humidity levels and temperature would be enough to do it.


Here's a test: take a capo, place it on various frets up the neck, see if you're still getting a buzz when you're playing hammerons. Or any fret buzz. .


Hum is something much different, but that wouldn't have anything to do with hammerons/ frets, that's an issue with the pickups not being properly grounded. Has nothing to do with the speakers you're using either.

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