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[REQUEST] Dreddfoxx CDLC?


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No idea where else to ask this on the forum so sorry if it's in the wrong topic,
But earlier this year I lost all my CDLCs in a hard drive wipe, it's on me for just assuming I could get all of them again and not lookign to check.
I noticed Dreddfoxx's CDLCs are gone and his website is no longer active, which is a huge shame!
He had a lot of cool songs charted that I loved playing like Melvins and Faith No More.
I was wondering if anyone, somehow, has his stuff?

I know nothing about this person and can't find out much about them, or anything about why their CDLC is gone (off the top of my head, perhaps their hosting expired and they didn't wanna pay it anymore).
If they just decided to not make their stuff available anymore, I'd respect that.
But I'd really like to get my hands on some of their stuff again!
I've tried reaching out to their account here with no luck, they havn't even signed in in 2 years.

Thanks in advance!

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I have some of DreddFoxx's CDLC and made a few of them available already. I'm planning to adopt the rest and post them on ignition at some point but I'm happy to share the folder with you now: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jveKMOeviQj5xi-K9X3A0U5ysq-P268i?usp=sharing

No Melvins stuff but I have FNM, Black Sabbath, and some others.

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Nice to read! 🙂  And yeah, you're pretty much right, hosting expired and couldn't afford to upkeep it. So I just stopped.

but I'll get all my shit posted to like google drive or something again soon. 

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