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  1. Movavi Gecata is another one that works great.
  2. Personally, I download and play a lot of CDLC and don't thank creators enough for their work. Dreddfox puts his name on the in-game cover art and Avdocatwork credits himself at the start or end in the lyrics, which really help us players remember who made it and who to thank when we've enjoyed their work, even weeks, months or years later, without trying to find out who made the song, particularly when there are multiple versions. This is probably the best thing I can recommend to do in regards to recognition from the creators' side. Not sure if an endorsement system like the one Nexus Mods has would be easy to implement, where you are presented with a list of all previous downloads and can rate them, every time you return to the site. Overall though, I'd like to thank all creators for making this game and website so awesome. I play way more custom DLC than official DLC and even prefer some of the older customs to the official versions that replaced them and there is no denying that this game would be so much less without the effort all of you put into it. Thank you!
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