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Although I have seen several tutorials, I still do not understand how to make slides from the editor. If I want the slide to be made from the note to the bottom or to the top it is toggle slide up and down, but if I want it to be the slide to the note, how is it done?
Reverse, set end, unpitched, pitched, how are they used? They don't do anything to me.

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7 hours ago, gafotas said:

but if I want it to be the slide to the note, how is it done?

You will still need to define where the slide begins. It must be a slide up from somewhere, so you will need to add an additional note in Editor on Fire and determine what fret it should be (in other words, this note will be the starting point of the slide "up" to the desired note). Place this note on the note highway where the slide actually begins. Then, use CTRL+UP to make the new note a slide up to the fret you want, in addition to SHIFT+N to add the linknext status. 

Unpitched slides are for when it's not so important where/what fret the slide actually ends (CTRL+U toggles it on a selected note). If you want to remove the unpitched status from a note, just use CTRL+U and leave the ending fret empty. Pay attention to the length of the note tail for these slides especially, as it determines how fast the slide will appear to the player. In Rocksmith, these slides have note tails that appear to fade away and do not have a clear ending point.

Pitched slides are generally more common, and you will need to set the end fret for these slides if you are authoring them manually. CTRL+UP or CTRL+DOWN toggles an unpitched slide on and off for that direction.

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