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Custom Lofts(guides inside)


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Anyone else have a customized loft? If so post some pics here.

Im trying to find info on editing the .nif files, Nifskope can edit the nifs but it causes RS to crash. Anyone know of a way to do this?

Also trying to change the fonts if anyone has any input.



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On 1/10/2021 at 1:43 PM, lerfds said:

Im trying to find info on editing the .nif files, Nifskope can edit the nifs but it causes RS to crash. Anyone know of a way to do this?


Nifskope doesn't have very good rs support, even just opening and re-saving the file kills it. The only luck I've had is replacing nif files with other ingame ones, this won't work with the loft since it has the camera animations and for some reason is rigged?

Unless proper support for rs gets added to nifskope we're outta luck on the custom models front.


On 1/10/2021 at 1:43 PM, lerfds said:

Also trying to change the fonts if anyone has any input.


You need JPEX flash decompiler to modify the fonts.gfx file

Unpack cache.psarc
Extract cache4.7z
Go to the gfxassets\localization subfolder

Open fonts.gfx in the flash decompiler
Select the top font and click the embed button
Select a font from the dropdown or specify an external ttf file
Tick "all characters", make sure the font can at least cover all upercase, lowercase, punctuation and numerals. If not pick another one. (you can have different fonts for numbers if you select them separately which might look cool in the menu)
Click OK and, "Yes to All" and then "Yes"
Do the same for the other font too

Now you need to open the original cache4.7z in 7zip and replace the file in there with the modified one
Delete the extracted cache4 folder
Repack the cache.psarc
Replace the old one

Note this won't have any effect on score attack menus since they use a font stored in a "fontsgc.gfx" in cache8.7z. Change that too if you want.

One thing I'd also like to figure out is custom font colours too but for now I got no idea where to start.


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Awesome thanks for the info/walkthrough!

I will try to figure out if I can change the color somehow while im tinkering.


Update: I figured out how to change font colors, Guide below.



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This is how to change "most of" the font colors in Rocksmith.

You need to unpack the cache.psarc file (found in rocksmiths main folder) using the RS toolkit.

Go to the cache folder you unpacked and open the "cache8.7z" file.

Open "gfxassets" then "libs" Scroll down to the "commonlib.gfx" file and move it out of the zip to your desktop or an empty folder.

Now you will need to unpack the static.psarc file (also found in your rocksmiths main folder) for some resources for JPEXS.

Go to the static folder you unpacked and open "gfxassets" then "localization"

Drag the file "gfxfontlib.gfx" to your desktop or working folder.

Now you will need to choose your colors you want to use.

This website: https://htmlcolorcodes.com/ is how I chose my colors. (the colors you get from this will be in hex, you will need to convert them to decimal)

Choose your color on the first website. Help: https://ibb.co/NW6hqk0 

Open this website in a new tab: https://convertingcolors.com/

Copy the HEX color code into the box on the converting color website. Help: https://ibb.co/YBrbpnp

Below you will see the "decimal" conversion . Copy it then paste it into a .txt file (make sure to write down which color is which!)

Get all the colors you are going to want (you mainly need 3 but more can be used)

You might want to open Rocksmith and look at the background colors ect before choosing as some will blend in ect ect.

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Now that you have your "commonlib.gfx" "gfxfontlib.gfx" and Decimal color codes you are ready to move on.

Open the "commonlib.gfx" file with JPEXS. A warning dialog will pop up.

Click yes, yes again, navigate to the "gfxfontlib.gfx" file you extracted from static. Select it and click open.

Repeat the previous step.

At the top of JPEXS click settings, Then click "use own flash viewer" Then click file to leave settings. Help: https://ibb.co/yff86Vt

(the previous step will populate the middle window but isnt required if you have the obsolete flash player installed, also the middle window isnt required at all for this project regardless)

In the left panel open "scripts/packages/rs/common" then click "prefs" Help: https://ibb.co/106TDXH

Now in the middle panel you can see the "static var ORANGE_CLR = 12345678;" line. (if the middle panel doesnt work for you its fine, only the right panel is used)

The colors you might want to change here are:


(I only changed the Orange, White, and Blue + their HiLite counterparts)

Disregard the standard colors " ie BLACK_STD = 0;"

(To know exactly which color your changing you can copy then paste the decimal colors listed in JPEXS to the color conversion website I provided)

When your confident you know which colors you want to change go to the right panel and click "Edit P-code"

Scroll down to the "Push register1 "ORANGE_CLR" line and paste in the new decimal color. Help: https://ibb.co/F8d3rZt

Repeat this for all the colors you want to change.

When your done click save at the bottom of the right panel then save at the top left of JPEXS.

Close JPEXS and move your newly modified "commonlib.gfx" file back into the "cache8.7z" "gfxassets/libs" zipped directory.

Use the RS Toolkit to repack the Cache.psarc.

Copy your original Cache.psarc file into a Backup folder then move the newly modified one into your Rocksmith main folder.


This will change the vast majority of font colors, A few small things wont be changed but I will cover how to do that below. (save your extracted copies of commonlib.gfx and gfxfontlib.gfx as they will be used as resources for changing the profile select colors)

If anything is confusing or an image isnt working pm me and I will clarify/fix.

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This is how to change the font in the "profile select" menu.

Make sure you have copies of the "commonlib.gfx" and "gfxfontlib.gfx" files we used earlier to use as a resource.

You will need to get HEX versions of the colors you replaced "WHITE_CLR" and "BLUE_CLR" with earlier and write them down in a text file for later.

Unpack the static.psarc file. (we will be repacking this static.psarc so its better to just unpack a fresh one instead of reusing the one you unpacked earlier)

Open the static.psarc folder and navigate to "gfxassets/views" then open the file "profileselect.gfx" with JPEXS.

A warning will pop up again and this time ask you to select both the "commonlib.gfx" and "gfxfontlib.gfx" files multiple times each (around 10 times total)

Click yes to all, and yes, open, yes open ect until it stops asking you. (this is to load the necessary fonts for each of the different texts, if you click no or skip any of these you will be unable to save the file)

Once the file is opened, expand "texts" in the left pane then click on "DefineEditText(9)" Help: https://ibb.co/rtZzzRb

If the middle pane doesn't work for you this color is the "BLUE_CLR" and DefineEditText(10) is "WHITE_CLR"

In the right panel click "Edit Pcode", Leave the ff at the start of the color and paste the replacement HEX color over the final 6 digits, Make sure the HEX is all lowercase, Paste the color code again in the orange line below, Save the Pcode, then repeat this step for "DefineEditText(10)" Help:https://ibb.co/84JndX8

This changes the blue and white texts on the profile select menu to your new color, now we will change the orange.


In the left panel open "Scripts/packages/rs/views/startup/controls" then click on "ProfileDescription" Help: https://ibb.co/Krt8fsH

This is the "ORANGE_CLR" color and to change this one will use a DECIMAL color code.

Click "Edit Pcode" in the right panel, Paste your new color (it should be located on line 114), and save.

Save at the top left of JPEXS and close the program.

Repack the static.psarc, Move the original static.psarc to a backup folder, Move the newly modified one into your Rocksmith folder.


This should be it. All this work to change the 1 small thing the first guide didn't!

A cool step to take after changing the fonts is to open the color shadow textures that sometimes appear around the text in GIMP or PaintNet and adjust their hue to match your new colors. Since editing the textures is pretty straightforward I wont be making a guide for that.

I hope these guides help some people who want to change their Rocksmith up and make it more their own.

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