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  1. First thing I see is that your dll file is named D3DX9_42 (2).dll. It should be D3DX9_42.dll, without the (2) in the file name, so this will not work. I'm also guessing that dll from 2016 is outdated and needs to be updated. Not to worry, Here's a very easy fix: Download "RS2014-Mod-Installer.exe" file : Click Here to Download Run the "RS2014-Mod-Installer.exe" you downloaded, you will be presented with a box : (See attachment) Click the big button that says "Click to use mods" Once you click the button, it will copy the correct, latest dll file (its part of the program, no
  2. Yes, Exactly. Install CFSM, you can get it here: Link Once installed, Open CFSM and go to the settings tab and make sure there is a checkmark in the box that says "Validate D3DX9_42.dll". This should check what you have against the newest version of the dll file and download it for you if it's not the latest version or missing. Good Luck
  3. This one is current: Click Here Its also under tools at the top menu bar of the site. Good Luck
  4. I struggled with this for quite a while until I found a working solution, and it works perfectly for me. I'm personally using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo, but it should work fine with any interface that is compatible with rs-asio. Make sure to follow the instructions very closely as it can get a little confusing (for me at least) when it gets to the voicemeeter config part. Here is a link to a pastebin with the info: Click Here For the record, I didn't write the guide (I found a link to it on Reddit), but I have been using this setup every day for months now without issue.
  5. That's pretty sweet looking. I personally use the blackout one for better performance, but yours looks really cool. good job
  6. Pink Floyd - One of these Days - Bass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-11zoVnHSQ thanks
  7. I used this for volume normalization of my collection, but it just cut all the preview audio to just 2-3 seconds and seemed to diminish the audio quality in other files. If there was an option to not "save space", which is not a concern of mine, it would be more useful to me personally. I had to revert the changes (always make backups, kids), I personally don't want intros cut off at all. Nice tool otherwise. If there is another tool or method just for volume normalization, please let me know. Thanks
  8. clicking the forums link on ignition search page opens an additional tab to ignition search instead of going to forums for me. win10/brave browser
  9. I'm also getting the Oauth error like others. It has been working fine for me until today. I'm sure its temporary, but figured I'd report that it is still an issue, at least for me. Thanks Edit: it's working now, thanks
  10. My apologies, I was not aware of this option. Thank you for filling me in.
  11. It's working really fast which is good, but non adjustable columns stuck in a bad position is extremely not good bordering on unusable for me. It's literally the most important part of the site. Can this really not be fixed? It's hard to believe that proper scaling is not a thing in software made for use in 2020. Seeing the name of the band and the name of the song should take #1 priority over the length of the track or what platform its for in my opinion. Just get rid of a couple unnecessary columns and it will fit fine I imagine. Or possibly just make appropriate column widths for the import
  12. Some of the "extra" files may be for another version of Rocksmith. PC song files end in _p.psarc, MAC files with _m.psarc. Could be the difference. good luck
  13. My guess is that those files need to have their appids set to cherub rock. You can use CFSM to do this pretty easily. Open CFSM and check "apply default appid" in the repair menu as well as any other options you want. You can get CFSM Here
  14. I recommend using CFSM to repair anything you download. It has the ability to add DD to songs that don't already have it and many other useful features. You can download it Here
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