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Need To Double BPM In EoF After Import

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I have only noticed this recently, using 1336 and 1337.  I think it happened when I was using 1334 (and maybe even a couple before that) too but I can't be certain.


For info, I never use any timings or bpm from the gp on import, I always pick "no".


After import to EoF, I need to manually double the BPM on EoF (with adjust notes ticked) to bring the notes into line.  It is exactly double.  It does not happen with every GP file.  Here are some examples





You can watch my Damien Rice - Rootless Tree vid (in the op of my database record) to see what it ends up looking like in game.



Hope it's an easy fix :)

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GP import doesn't import any tempo changes, just time signatures. As some people have noticed, EOF does not take the time signature into account when calculating the real time length of beats using their configured tempo. This only matters if you try to use tempos from the GP file and it uses non #/4 time signatures, becauase a quarter note is a different length (in seconds) in 4/8 compared to 4/4 time. I may be able to improve this in the future, but it's not something I plan on working on immediately.

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Sorry man, I'm pretty ignorant with music notation.


So anything other than 4/4 is going to need adjusting?


Maybe why I've never really noticed before, cause everything I've done is 4/4.  It's only pretty recently I've had to make tempos 120+ for songs I know are slow, and in conflict with the GP file says which says 78BPM or so.  The Pink Floyd one needs to be circa 250BPM in EoF, those kinds of numbers have never come up before, is that normal?



Edit - it's 12/8.  I see, sorry :)

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For anything that isn't #/4, you'll have to derive the appropriate tempos to use in EOF, or just double/halve the tempo suggested in the tablature as appropriate. It was for this reason that functions to do just that were added to the Beat menu, so it should be relatively quick to fix. For people that beat map everything manually, they probably won't notice any difference in their current process, since all the signature change would mean is that the tempo speeds up or slows down.

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250 for Pink Floyd does not sound realistic, i guess that its just 125, i would try to half the bmp without the note adjust checkbox, that will make sure that the notes stay how they are and only the bpm does change.


I would just use in EOF the metronome and listen if the click does go in sync with the drums.

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