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Learning how to read scores


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I have a lot of pratice on Rocksmith, but I am ready for the next step, aka learning how to play from scores. 


I don't know, however, how to start. I have searched websites that can help me, but I've only found heavy charged Youtube-like sites (i.e. Fender Play), and that's not what I am looking for.  

So, is there a place that can take my hand to learn reading and playing scores (paying subscription is not a problem to me), or should I do it roughly, like learn by myself on score sites like Jellynote...


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No shame in going to a music store and buying a workbook designed for elementary school students.  You'd be starting off with super basic stuff like drawing a staff, how to count, and the names of the notes.  Buy some manuscript paper (or print it out, but you'll need lots).

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You can turn off the tab in guitar pro and be left with a stave view, but like how maztor says there are the same notes in several places and playing from sheet music especially sight reading is quite difficult. It is a fairly long and boring process to even make a usable tab from most sheet music and doing it on the fly for anything except the most basic stuff would be quite hard. There's a reason tab is the standard for guitar and has been for a while.


However depending on the type of music you want to play it could be useful for learning stuff from different instruments and simply learning how to read/write it can be quite useful, especially if you try to learn something other than guitar later and may make learning theory more understandable.

I'd recommend musecore for finding some sheet music (although you need an addon to download from there now). Maybe start with some flute stuff since they don't have any chords and can be played as a lead arrange.


Disclaimer. I can't read sheet music so all of this might be a bunch on nonsense


"I have a lot of pratice on Rocksmith, but I am ready for the next step, aka learning how to play from scores."

Also if your looking for the next step for learning guitar outside of rocksmith you'd probably find more use learning to play songs by ear, really opens up what you can play and then you don't even need sheet music lol.

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