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Using new strings, they are awesome


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So I noticed these new strings on the racks I never seen before.. the nice girl at the guitar center said they were new.. last time I got strings a few months ago, they weren't there. Apparently they are brand new.


Called M-Steel Earnie Ball's,


According to the back of the package, they have 60 percent more cobalt in them then their cobalt line of strings. They were 2 bucks more then the cobalts as well. So thought I would give them a shot. Was in the market for some thicker strings for lower tunings. I got 11/48s.


My impression, they rock. Especially on the wound strings, a MUCH better tone out of them then even my old cobalts, I recommend giving them a try.

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Testing strings is fun, should probably test more...

Once had some cobalts didn't like tone, but those are surely different cobalts... test em maybe later..

Ernie Balls 10-52 i broked quite fast? 2 years ago when still learning basics and strumming hard :-P

Just checking first D'addario strings 11-56, for low ones before any other tests...

Gotta two guitars, try to keep something like 9/10-42/46 E-D other and other 11-48/56 D-xxx .

And testing really starts now, because got now my low rider...

Its quite handy to have more than 1 guitar, when testing things...  

By the way, my tone got lot of better by just using different guitar... my 100€ little twisted but fixed schecter sounds much better, than my older passive mic guitar when playing "heavy/rock" (equipped with same strings)

But like beauty/tone its in your eye/ear.

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I had some no-name strings for a while.  They would tarnish, break, and sound horrible.  So I switched to Ernie Ball's regular slinky.  They buzz a little, but probably because I need to adjust the action on my guitar.  But other than that they sound great compared to my other ones.Once I go through my stock of strings, I will attempt to get some higher quality ones.

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