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is it my guitar or me?



Hi everybody - I am sure his has been covered before but I am using a 1992 Ibanez ex160 on rocksmith.  


I have noticed that I am having a hard time hitting notes including the open E string in songs.  sometimes it registers and sometimes it doesnt.  I have tried various levels of pressure on the strings and I am starting to think that I need a different guitar.  


I even took it to the local guitar center for a tune up which improved it but I am still having issues.


so here is my questions...should I buy a different guitar? if so which guitars work the best? 





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Many factors at play here, could be your neck is bent, your bridge action is wrong. But you've had it set up in a shop, so that should be fine. Maybe you haven't calibrated your guitar with RS. Could be you are picking too hard or soft. Your guitars volume is down :D You are in a D or C tuning, I know from my guitar an rs I have to pick softer in a low tuning.

I'm sure there are more reason, and a more experienced guitarist has more usual info for you. But that's all I got.

PS: Nothing wrong with adding to your guitar collection ;) Get a Bass too :)

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