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my first cdlc



hi guys,

i'm trying to make my first cdlc, so i have a lot of questions to do, but for now let's start with these two:

- how create and add lyrics

- how add more tones in one section (for example lead section) and how to enable the auto-switch between different tones


thanks and sorry for the english :D

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- how create and add lyrics


Use Ultrastar Creator

First find your lyrics online (I usually use metrolyrics.com). Copy and paste them into notepad, then save them as a .txt file. 

Upload your mp3 and .txt file into Ultrastar Creator and click the green play button. All you have to do is click on the words when they are sang. Save your file and use "Lyric Import" on EoF to import the file.




- how add more tones in one section (for example lead section) and how to enable the auto-switch between different tones


I usually make whatever the first tone you hear on a section my default. So I click on the very first beat marker and CTRL+SHIFT+T or Track->Rocksmith->Tone Change->Add. Name the very first one "Default". Then find the beat markers throughout the song where the tone changes. Let's say you make one named "Distortion" and one named "Solo."


Once all of your tone changes are added, go to Track->Rocksmith->Tone Change->Names. Set your "Default" tone to be the default.


When you are uploading to the toolkit, you have to name your tones exactly what you named them in the Add Tone Change list. So upload your default tone and rename it to "Default." Then your distortion to "Distortion" and solo to "Solo." Now you can import your arrangement type. If you import it before renaming your tones it will automatically create blanks tones named whatever you named them in EoF. 




Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for your work on new CDLC!

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Start by creating and saving your tones with the exact same names you used to label the tone changes in EOF.


Now use the toolkit's import option -- set it to look for XBOX files. Navigate to the subfolder inside the Steam/Rocksmith2014 folder labeled "remote" -- inside that you'll see a couple of files with _prfldb at the end. Choose the one with a timestamp corresponding to when you created your tones (it's probably the larger one).


this will import all of your custom tones into the toolkit. You can then save the tones you need into the folder with the other files in your project, and assign them to the tracks in the toolkit. Make sure you save the template to the song in the toolkit too -- you'll probably be generating the package several times while you test everything.


You can also add the lyrics directly into EOF, but with Ultrastar it's easier to sync karaoke style.

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