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Deleting duplicates...



I've never really used CFSM, I've messed around with it, but I've been reading and what I'm gathering is that both, the Toolkit, and CFSM both remove duplicates?  


Instead of burying my head into thread, after thread, I wanted to ask how I should go about trying to eliminate excess files I have the easiest?


I've played RS for years!  I've also accumulated alot of the same damn CDLC backing up files after my system got corrupted etc.  Anyway, I usually just delete them in file explorer.  I've also used the Toolkit before for custom inlays.  But I usually keep things pretty simple.  


If you were going to reinstall RS and wanted to try out the CFSM / Toolkit etc.  How would you go about it, and in what order?  Which would you use to delete duplicate/corrupted files?  I remember there being someway to completely destroy your cdlc if you don't do it right, and I'm just hoping one of you can chime in. 


Would you DL rs, dll and all that jazz, then run CFSM, or the toolkit?  Which would you use to get rid of duplicates, and corrupted files first?  I know all of this stuff has been covered 10,000 times, but I've avoided CFSM due to a few years ago it deleted a bunch of songs, that worked completely fine.  Since then i just opted not to use it.  Anyway, I hope someone doesn't mind throwing out their 2 cents!

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"how I should go about trying to eliminate excess files I have the easiest?" use the song manager, it was made to manage songs lol


You use the song manager to get rid of duplicates. The "duplicates" tab lists all the duplicate songs in your dlc folder and you can choose what ones to disable/delete. You can just disable them if you want to be safe and not accidentally delete anything.


There's also the clean dlc folder option to remove all the leftover backup files.


The song manager can install the .dll for you but I could never get it to work properly. So I'd install rs, get the dll and run the song manager to clean up the leftover files and stuff. And then run a repair on them to fix all the old songs. Then use the custom game toolkit to get some custom inlays and some fancy stuff going.


Also here's a pretty cool guide on the song manager of you haven't seen it already

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That's about how I was thinking it should go.  I appreciate the insight bud!  I was only hesitant to use the song manager because as I said, it deleted some songs last time I installed it a year or two ago, that were perfectly fine.  I read why this happens though.  Anyhow, thank ya!

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