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Newb help


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Hello CF world.


Long story short. I cant go to a guitar center to pick out my guitar and have to trust in the word of others.


I posted before but I think I have finally decided on a guitar to step up to from my Squire Strat.


Can anyone please tell me... does anything stand out about this guitar as being not worth the price? Are the pickups decent and all that god stuff? I am needing that 24th fret and I figure I might as well get a mid grade guitar over my 60 dollar used Squire.


Ok I cant paste for some reason... its an Ibanez GRG270DXB


The other I was thinking of is the RGD320 Which is tuned to D standard rather than E standard. I play more drop D and D standard and even C standard is why I leaned towards this but wasn't sure how going back to tuning to E standard would work? I would think just a bit harder to bend n stuff...


it comes down to you!! please help a newb make a final choice. Thanks in advance. 

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The second one seems like it would suit you  more -- it has a longer neck/scale, which is what makes it possible to downtune. Seems like it's in between a baritone and a standard guitar. You'd definitely have better luck tuning to C with the 320 than the other one. And you can use a capo to bring it to standard tuning.


The Gio guitars are basically Ibanez's version of the Squier line.


Is this the one you're talking about? http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-RGD320-Electric-Guitar-105805311-i1499764.gc#customer-reviews


It's the higher end version -- but check out that price! I'd snap this one up.

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