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Can I make a note that starts on an arbritary fret and ends on a determined fret? Some thing like /9, without choosing the fret to start the slide. Because I have a tab in Guitar Pro that have a slide like that, I tried importing in EOF and it put the note one fret lower and makes it slide to the note I want, which is not showed in game ¬¬





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That's EOF's default behavior for an undefined slide.


But if you think about it, all slides have to start from somewhere, so I'm not sure why Guitarpro has these kinds of slides.


In this case, I'd guess the slide's probably starts from around the 6th fret, but you should be able to match what you're hearing on the recording.

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But Rocksmith will just show the starting fret right? This sucks so bad :(

EDIT: Nevermind, it shows just fine.

Breaking the Law has a slide that goes ALL THE WAY down the fretboard, this is exactly what I want. If anyone knows how to do this please show me how...

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Rocksmith doesn't have a way to put one of the "unpitched slides" at the beginning of a note, only on the end. What some people do is put a slide in front of the note and then mark it with the "ignore" status (one of the checkboxes in the edit pro guitar note dialog). This should hide the note head of the slide and prevent the player from having to play it.

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