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  1. @@justgimmethefunk Thanks, there are some really old videos, I don't really remember how I used to make them, but now I try to make them loud. I always play in standart tuning because I got used to only play this way. I just hated changing the tuning of my bass and when I started to learn some songs by myself I found a program called Aria Maestosa (which is pretty cool by the way) with which I would open mid files I found of the songs and when notes where below E1 it would show then as negative values. At first I found this really strange, as I was a total noob on music, but then I realised th
  2. Hi. I have been making some bass cover videos on YouTube and putting tabs for the song. I play all songs in standart tuning and try to make the bassline close to the original but also interesting and easy to remember/play(since it's so hard and pointless to play all the notes exactly like the bassist did on the recording). Maybe I will do some lessons about bass and musical theory applied to it, if anybody is interested... So this is my YouTube channel: youtube.com/user/MysteriousBassBoy I would also recommend this site for learning bass, as it helped me a lot years ago, now it looks like
  3. To be quite honest I hate Rocksmith point of view. I can't play without using the invert string thing. It's not only against music theory because the higher notes in pitch come in the lower strings but it's against your own point of view of the instrument while you are playing (unless you are looking into a mirror while you play, which would also invert the hand you use, so that makes me think Rocksmith is even more awkward than I thought on the beginning).
  4. I have a friend that never liked tabs and just started learning guitar because of Rocksmith. I bet he wouldn't have bought too xD But Rocksmith system is not bad, is just a little strange on the beggining to those used to tabs.
  5. Guiagge, That is the simple way to do it. Many amps don't have a clean signal level output to tap into. Also you would have to play into your amplifier unmodified. When I connect my amp I use a direct box with gound lift and run into my ancient Digitec RP1 to go to my amplifier. The purpose of the direct box is to split the signal and not have to worry about a grounding loop and that horrid 60hz hum. Andrake Oh sorry, I forgot about that, I don't use effects at all since I'm a poor nigga, but it really can mess up the note recognition... Direct box is really a great tool for a bassis
  6. This russian site has lots of MIDI, some hard to find in others.
  7. I don't see the need for a Y-cable at all. When I was doing that I would just put the (normal) cable on my amp and then put the Rocksmith cable on the line out of my amp. I don't know if every amp has this thing but to me it worked just fine (before I had a problem with my cable, i have to buy a new one but I'm too lazy lol).
  8. How do I do this? Maybe TuxGuitar could be my savior lol EDIT: also I tried importing a MIDI file in it and it put the bass in guitar tuning ¬¬ How do I change it to bass already "fixing" the notes (to decent frets)?
  9. I do this too.. I don't really like EOF, but at least I can do something in Guitar Pro. The only thing I wish I had was a program that could change all the notes of the same pitch to other string, so I could import it from Aria and generate a .gp5 file faster. Trust me, Aria is a top-notch program when it comes to making songs, but it can't export .gp5, just .mid, and this way you can't put any guitar techniques like slides on it, so you need something like TuxGuitar or Guitar Pro to finish the process which makes things slow for me... I'm actually thinking of making a tab editor program mysel
  10. I agree I like the sideways Note track better and the number system. use promo code (4PACK30) that will take 30% off But yea too price unless you are a complete beginner. When I first saw the announcement for Rocksmith I was like crazy, but then they showed some screenshots and I was like, "WTF?", couldn't they do something closer to guitar tabs? There was already the Pro Guitar thing on Rock Band so I was think the way the put the thing together was kinda dumb, but after playing Rocksmith I see is not that bad.
  11. @@ice9 @@smirocsmo and others, do you think TuxGuitar is better than Guitar Pro? I use Guitar Pro mainly for changing the strings in which notes are played (which is a really slow process because it just can't select all the notes with same pitch) and for putting slides, hammer-ons/pull-offs, harmonics and vibrato. For main low level editing I use a program called Aria Maestosa which works with MIDI, but has a lot of good things for selection and makes it -really easy to add notes and make riffs/phrases (it has a tab view mode, since the main mode is a music score one). I think I will test it
  12. Guiagge

    JAM Hero

    Yeah, but I swear I thought nobody would ever call this a band, I don't even had the time to check for it because I thought that if something ever had a name it wouldn't be EXACTLY like this lol If think I have a new name, I don't want people to come by mistake to my topics.
  13. Guiagge

    JAM Hero

    @@Gloryhammer Any suggestions?
  14. Guiagge

    JAM Hero

    The JAM Hero project aims providing alternative versions of tabs, be them tabs never made or tabs that are already in this forums. All songs have bass, lyrics and a single guitar, with phrases and dynamic difficulty for Riff Repeater too. The guitar and bass arrangements MAY HAVE OTHER INSTRUMENTS PARTS, for the sake of enjoyment, musical learning and completeness. Also the bass and guitar are always in STANDART TUNING, with notes/riffs/parts outside the instrument ranges in this tuning being replaced by others that can be played in standart tuning. ALL SONGS HAVE A "[JAM Hero]" TAG ON THE ALB
  15. But Rocksmith will just show the starting fret right? This sucks so bad :( EDIT: Nevermind, it shows just fine. Breaking the Law has a slide that goes ALL THE WAY down the fretboard, this is exactly what I want. If anyone knows how to do this please show me how...
  16. Can I make a note that starts on an arbritary fret and ends on a determined fret? Some thing like /9, without choosing the fret to start the slide. Because I have a tab in Guitar Pro that have a slide like that, I tried importing in EOF and it put the note one fret lower and makes it slide to the note I want, which is not showed in game ¬¬ http://i.imgur.com/3ytvY1F.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/DlUm6hv.png?1
  17. I started to make customs recently and all I can say is that the more you make the more you learn, and the more you learn the more quality you want to put in your songs, and the more time you take to make each song. When I began I would just find a good Guitar Pro tab, import and sync and then make just the obrigatory things to make it work, but with time I started to correct the tabs the better I could, make or at least select decent tones and use them throughout the song, add lyrics, etc. So after some time it was taking much more to make songs, and even doing simple songs take a lot of time
  18. @@ShameOnTheNight Unfortutatelly I had to format my computer days ago and lost a lot of stuff I tought I had saved. Rhapsody songs are generally easy to sync thou because apart from some intro and different parts most songs have EXACTLY 180 BPM, at least in this album. If you can gimme some accurate Guitar Pro tabs I can probably do some songs.
  19. @@Sirandok I would really like to have something like a thumpet/sax tone since I want to make some customs from Morphine putting the sax part in the guitar lol I also made a tone "cello" tone, if anyone is interested I used it in the guitar intro for Green Day's Hitchin' a Ride and for the "bass" part of Good Riddance, I have uploaded both here :D
  20. Hi. I have been doing tabs for myself and I have the "habit" of only playing songs on standart tuning. When a song is on other tuning I would simply arrange it so the lower notes would go one octave higher, and stuff like that. The problem is that I want to share my tabs with people, but I know that there will be people bitching 'cause of my tabs. I used to have a Youtube channel of "bass tabs" and when I posted some in standart tuning that were not people started posting things like "Your tab is wrong", "You don't know how this song is", even thought I CLEARLY say that I changed the whole s
  21. I don't know how people share things here since I'm quite new to these forums but I have uploaded the tone: https://www.mediafire.com/?k3j29i66zyy2bvb It's not that great, but I guess it's a start. Also, I don't know how people get tones to have decent (uniform) volume, comparing one to the others. Everytime I make a distorted one it sounds way louder than the others, and when I use many modulation effects like in this "organ" tone it sounds even quiter (even thought i used a limiter!). Obviously distorted tones have lots of gain, but having every tone with more or less the same volume would b
  22. I would be really grateful if you find this tone! (Not that this means much lol) Everywhere I searched just had people talking about guitar swells and using volume pedals... :D I'm trying to get my own collection of tones so I can make the songs without really worrying too much about the tones, unless is something really specific...
  23. Hi. I'm making a CDLC requested by a friend of mine which has some cool violin parts, so I arranged them to the lead guitar tab (the song is Emerald Sword by Rhapsody). The thing is that I can't get a violin tone (not even close to one). I had already made some strange tones like an organ one using two phasers and stuff like that but I don't know if I can make a guitar sound like a violin with those Rocksmith effects... I imagine that using reverb correctly and maybe delay with some light distortion may get close, but so far it sounds really strange... Is there any song that has a tone similar
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