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Playing bass thru Amp, to PC? Can this be done and what gear do I need?


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Hey all!


Sorry if this question has been asked 100 times, tried to search but couldn't really find a match... (my lack of search parameter skills more than likely)


But as the title states, I would like to play my bass thru my amp, then thru my PC.  Can this be done?  And if so what gear do I need?


I want to do it this way as it is hard to hear my Bass thru Rocksmith.  And I have noticed if I THINK I sound good in RS, then plug into my amp... the amp REALLY accentuates those areas where I DO NOT sound as good as I think I do!


Any help would be awesome....thanks in advance all!

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Yeah. One thing to be cautious about with loop pedal that don't have ground lift is that you might end up with noise under certain circumstances but it's hard to predict if you'll get ground loop issue or not.

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Pretty sure i'm not answering this correctly, but I use a 2 speaker with a subwoofer with a bass knob to adjust. I play bass guitar so it suits me. It's not an expensive set either, its actually speakers from 1999. When mine broke a couple years ago, long and behold, i found a used set in the thrift store. Love these. brand is called harman/kardon.

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Hey Wndwlicker...lol at name...   I play bass as well.  I currently have a Ampeg BA112 studio Amp, which is why I want to use that, but still have a feed going thru my PC for Rocksmith as well.   I noticed while playing a song I THOUGHT I had down thru Rocksmith PC, when I played thru my Amp I was sloppy as hell.   So rather than learn bad habits because I cant hear them that well thru PC, I want to play thru amp so all the nasties can be addressed as soon as I hear them!


firekorn...ya I did hear groundloop can be a problem. But for now I dont use any effects pedals, only the built in EQ and distortion I have in my amp.  So I will just have to experiment.  I also read going from guitar > a decent inline tuner > ABY can eliminate that ground loop.

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There are 3 ways to do it...

1) If your amp has a send / rec port for an effects loop you can plug the RS cable into the send but be careful because you can overpower the cable.


2) Add a DI with two output ports to your pedalboard. I have the MXR M80 Di and run the RS Cable out of the second output( clean ) while the primary with the built in boost/ distortion goes to my amp.


3) (Cheapest and simplest) Use the A/B/Y pedal. As Fire said though get one with a ground lift so you can kill any buzzing you may get from grounding issues with the power.  

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