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DDC Error

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Not sure how to fix this or what it even means but I get an error when trying to create dynamic difficulty. It basically says failed. See log file. This is what the log file says.


==   D D C   P R O C E S S   S T E P S                                                            ==
2019-04-01 06:01:26
      => 20 ms
01. Check the input parameters
      => 0 ms
02. Load the configuration file
      => 1 ms
03. Load the XML ramp-up model
      => 1 ms
04. Load useful informations from the XML input file
      => 7 ms
    - Song informations
      => 0 ms
    - Measures and ebeats
      => 18 ms
    - Sections
      => 1 ms
    - Phrase iterations as subsections
      => 0 ms
    - Chord templates
      => 1 ms
    - Anchors
      => 2 ms
    - Handshapes
      => 6 ms
    - Notes
      ==> WARNING : Note Time Correction (next measure) : 297.800 -> 297.806
      ==> WARNING : Note Time Correction (next measure) : 341.990 -> 341.991
      => 56 ms
    - Chords



So I am assuming it has something to do with the warnings? Though I am not sure how to fix or what to look for with those warning descriptions. Any help would be appreciated. 

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well ddc makes sure it's correctly phrased so it changes some notes\chords duration\position to match criteria so it's fine I guess how would you fix this 1 ms thing? 341.990 -> 341.991

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Well tried redoing the sections and still getting errors.. so guess ill try an older version of DDC. If that doesnt work. Guess i won't be making customs cause I am not gonna release one without DD.

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  • Administrator

Is the dd file actually not generated at all?


Would be nice to have access to the file you use too to try out on our side and be able to dissect the file.

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I fixed it. I downloaded the latest toolkit and updated it. Though it didn't update DDC. I THOUGHT I had the latest version of DDC but turns out I had 3.2. It was giving me that error. After I updated to 3.6, it stopped giving me errors and was able to complete the process. Thanks though. My fault.

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