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Bass Strings best for RS14


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I just bought a new Dean Custom Zone bass in solid electric green.  I have never played bass before. So I do not know how to shop for strings.  I know I want to get a set of the DR multi-color strings that match Rocksmith's color code.




The options for the 4 string are the:


NMCB-40 Light (40,60,80,100)

NMCB-45 Medium (45, 65, 85, 105)


Im not looking for which ever one plays the best and creates the best tone.  But which set would register the best on Rocksmith?


Thank you.


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Depends on what turnings you want to play in, both would be fine at E standard but 45's would let you tune down more and keep decent note recognition. 45's would probably be more stable in general, although it depends on scale length if your not on a standard scale you might need thicker or thinner strings.


45's probably a safe bet for starting out though.

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Yea, in all honesty i agree with coldrampage, 45's will do best for what a lot of people usually want to do when it comes to bass, and if you wanna keep the light strings but play heavier they have some pedals if I'm not mistaken to kick the octave down so you can play other tunings while keeping your bass in the E standard form. Personally I play with 55's-110's and granted i wont hit the E standard, I mean if I wanted to I could but like they are great if you decide to hop down into the C sharp to B standard gauge

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A few years ago, I wanted to go coated. A few videos turned me around - coating flaking off causing buzz was the main one. If your action is high enough, probably doesn't matter. Additional cost and muted tone also are big minuses. Even the Elixer string coating breaks and buzzes...  Beware.


TL;DR - Coated strings may cause buzz and a muted tone, beware.

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