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  2. The day it was announced I felt a hole tear into my soul. I am so glad I got to see him in concert, so many years ago. I played "Tom Sawyer" to his memory with a tear in my eye. Rest in peace, Neal. Thank you.
  3. A few years ago, I wanted to go coated. A few videos turned me around - coating flaking off causing buzz was the main one. If your action is high enough, probably doesn't matter. Additional cost and muted tone also are big minuses. Even the Elixer string coating breaks and buzzes... Beware. TL;DR - Coated strings may cause buzz and a muted tone, beware.
  4. I was browsing - found a newer (subscription-ugh) app. The software takes a recorded music file (supposedly recorded by you) and automagically transcribes it to sheet/tab/midi/etc... That's just one step away from importing to RS... Thoughts? The process is nebulous in it's explanation - and of course the software is server/subscription based. Millennials understand piracy... It's probably not like having 3 Brians sitting next to you, but could potentially save dozens of hours on CDLC-and improve quality. (I'm not getting paid by anyone- figured I wouldn't mention the name in case that would be rude, bump this thread if you want the site.)
  5. New DLC- Very interested/pleased in the 'Lesson DLC' upcoming. Seems like Greg is trying to breathe new life into this IP... ...However, his intentions are self-serving. He (his corporation) gets (almost) $1 from each DLC sale. (Remember Kids: you can only negotiate partials/residuals/commissions when you work on a 'contract' basis. Poors work hourly, Slaves work salary. The wise man has a lawyer/representative/manager negotiate his fee for him. A man that represents himself has a fool for a client.) This DLC is an interesting idea- taking the 'song' format and twisting it into a practice tool. Clever, but should have been done before (or with the base game). Also, I remember 'rote-practice' being the antithesis of RS2014. Guess they went back on that But before I spooge myself. Let's face it. $4 for single note hammer-ons, pull-offs, and scale practice ain't that great. Also, kinda feels desperate- two 'zero copyright' releases in a month- you be the judge.
  6. ipad/iphone version cancelled apparently... ...mentioned on stream
  7. Goodbye Brian McCune. :( He is about a 6 weeks overdue, but like he said on the stream, has trouble with goodbyes. Dan was/is crying about it. Make up your own mind about the title direction...
  8. I'll be the 'Debbie Downer'... It's dead, Jim. Sorry if you don't want to hear this, but take a look at the recent RS changes... Brian #1 going on a sabbatical, and changing job titles. Dan Amrich stepping down as Community Director, now as a 'dev'. Rumored to be actually part-time on RS and reinventing himself to another team. Doug Lilly (his replacement) kinda sucks. Ubi-Red Storm hit with layoffs in 2018 - rumored to close in 2019. Doug Lilly jumped ship from Red Storm just in time. Average Twitch audience was @250 in 2016. Now struggles to break 100. Holiday stream was at a 3 year low. So many old timers left - granted, with the addition of some very talented newcomers. However, the team is negative a few seats. Let's not forget the Gibson bankruptcy. That big corporate partner can't/won't sponsor RS any more. KKR Credit is the new owner, and is focusing on saving/restructuring Gibson without entangling alliances. The big reason? The entire gaming industry took a record loss in 2018. Additionally, Ubi SanFran has made some piss-poor decisions with regards to politics and titles, and their audience responded with the lack of purchases. $3 a song isn't going to float a department in San Francisco. That city has one of the highest (THE highest?) cost-of-living requirements in the US. $250k = food stamps in that hellhole. Profits need to match, and a dying title from 2014 isn't going to excite the zoomers enough to steal their single-parent's credit card. Pro Tip: NEVER place a date in the title of your media (film/TV/game). The date either ages your material (Rocksmith 2014? Why would I play a title from 2014?!?!), or makes you look stupid when the date arrives (remember _Space 1999_?) I will quietly await the shitstorm of hate-replies now. Just remember - this community can keep RS going forever. - (PS im not an Ubi employee) (PPS - Yousician is being sued by Ubisoft, icydk)
  9. Cozy1, I have determined why the menu gets 'stuck'. Please emphasize in your tutorials that a inlay name (compatible with RS2014, I recommend short and descriptive) and author (not sure it is required, but I do it anyway) MUST be entered into those fields. This may seem obvious, but apparently not. If the inlay is unnamed, the generated filename will be only "_p.psarc" and this is incompatible with RS2014. Give it a proper name, and the generated filename is complete and all works out nicely.
  10. Cozy1, I understand what he is saying - I have the same issue. I'm thinking lokariototal just gave up. 1) Remove the inlay that you created from the game so that you can select other inlays in the game. did this 3+ times 2) Open the 'dlc' folder and the 'inlay' subfoder and delete any *inlay*.psarc files you find. did this 3+ times 2) Is the Rocksmith inlay available in game? Was it ever available? If not keep playing till you earn the Rocksmith inlay. Does the Rocksmith inlay work again? earned, nothing is selectable on the inlay screen. Screen is frozen, but I can 'esc' out of it. 3) Regenerate the 24 fret notes inlay template that is included with CGT. did this 3+ times 4) CGT will automatically put the inlay psarc file into the 'dlc/inlay' folder. yup 5) Start the game and select the 24 notes inlay from the menu. I can see the inlay on the inlay screen, I cannot select any inlay, just 'esc' out of inlays. Nothing is selectable. 6) Play any song that you have played before and check the inlay function. The inlay defaults to the 'RS pick' inlay Yes, I watched the entire inlay video. Some items of note. -I have RS2014 installed on a different drive, but CSToolkit is pointed at the correct root directory -Deleting the 'inlay' subfolder 'unfreezes' the inlay screen, and allows use of the stock inlays once again -I have subfolders within my DLC folder that contain playable songs (for organization) Maybe the 'inlay' subdirectory location needs to be changed? Thanks -Keten
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