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Hosting Downloads?


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Can you guys look into hosting the customs?  there are so many dead links, crappy download services that install viruses. It would be so much nicer if they were all on a single source and we didn't have to worry about them vanishing.  it's only a couple gigs of files so cost shouldn't be much at all, like $60/year in data.


I'd donate some support money for a feature like this.

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it's only a couple gigs of files


Huh, i alone have almost 2GB of CDLC stored on my google drive and that's about 150 files


even if 100 files = 1GB that's 355GB or so for all the CDLC on CF and it's only expanding.


But that's the easy part, then you have to account for the bandwidth necessary to allow all user to upload CDLC without trouble and for all user to download it without any trouble. Bandwidth cost a lot more than storage itself.


Then it's a matter of develloping the system to have it all work properly. dev aren't paid at the moment and it's already an issue we are facing to update some part of CF and a dev would cost largely more than 60$/year if we wanted to ensure that everything keep on working.


And last but not least, the legal side of things, if we become the host of the file themself, we become even more prone to lawsuit by copyright owner and lawyer sure aren't costing 60$/year either.


So even if your suggestion is nice, it doesn't take into account all the aspect necessary for such a system to be put in place and to work.

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I agree with firekorn. Maybe make uploaders to upload to a minimum of 3 hosts. Also i expect someone out ther in customforge to have what it takes to download everything and keep a local copy. Maybe you could encourage some kind of repackings made monthly so people can download everything uploaded in that month. The more people getting them, the better to get over some eventual havock.

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