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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 26


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With strings tight as fuck, it isn't that bad.





Well now i have to resetup my guitar but at least i have participated!

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@@Wolfie3101 Fight man :) I am in the process of  fight.

My method : Begin 80% and +1% (after <2-4 mistake).... to 100 % for every hard section, then select 3 section, set  90% +1%... to 100% then all song in RR counting errors. 



Upd. I did it! Johnny lead Accuracy 90% streake 119



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Got 1%. By the way, I think the yellow number means something you know... I mean, it's evolving along with my accuracy, and maybe I'm wrong but, it's like score attack, there is just only 1 figure after the comma ^^


Neither God nor the Devil will make you a music legend.

Just yourself.

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Leaderboard Updated


Sorry for the lack of my participation and updating the spreadsheet its been a rough couple of days. I should be able to finally get back into participating with the competition this week. Also I understand that the Johnny B. Goode song may be difficult for an intermediate song but some songs will always be harder than others but comparing the two I think the Metallica one is much harder. 

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@@HNawks the yellow number you see just represents how much of the song you have played correctly. It doesn't mean that you played 92.5% correctly in one playthrough though it just means that from all the playthroughs you have done you have played 92.5% of the song correctly. This is not taking mastermode into account though as you may gain more % from mastermode. An example would be that one run you did great on a section of the song and then the next run you did great on a different section of the song so it will remember the sections you have done correctly and add to the score. Also if you riff repeat any part of the song and get 100% on it in it will count that as well because you played it correctly. 

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