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Do you know of any Portable Monitor with Usb and Battery for PC/Rocksmith/Guitar



Ive found this one:

Behringer HPA40






Ive read bout someone using several of them to run a band using one each musician. But im looking for the purpose of hooking it to the PC so i can get Rocksmith running over it. And eventually carrying it with a notebook and plugging it to run on battery and still be able to play Rocksmith with guitar using this one.

AND at the same time to let it act as my pc speaker for everything like movies and music. Thats the reason im looking at portable monitors and not at portable amps.

If it works i may get 2 of them and plug each one of them to the analog sound jacks outputs of my PC motherboard (Left and Right). Then if i move away and want to carry the guitar i may just grab one (or the two along with a splitter) so i can plug it to the notebook to play Rocksmith, and sometimes even plug the guitar directly in it to use it as a portable amp without using Rocksmith (im supposing i can plug a guitar in that big jack that MIC IN that looks as meant for microphones, and im also supposing that i can plug it to a PC with an small jack cable in that LINE IN connector).


Now, can you tell me if im missing or misunderstanding something. Or if you know about better alternatives out there, may you elaborate please. Im basically looking for a speaker or a pair of them that can act as PC speakers for every use INCLUDING good Rocksmith sound, and also being portable so i can use them on the go with a notebook running on batteries, and exceptionally using it also as a bare amp for the guitar if possible.

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But i read an amp is not meant to work with the wide sound spectrum that Rocksmith music will output. Also i read people saying you can blow a pc if you plug them. I in fact have an amp that i may not call portable at all due to its weight. A Line 6 - Spider II 112 from like 2007 or so.

And to even split the sound of my guitar to it while using rocksmith i read also i would need a splitter that will cancel the noise produced when you split in that way. So all in all it looks that a good portable speaker for my pc that may be meant to act as a wide spectrum monitor and also being portable could be the best compromise between quality and usability. I prefer something simple that i can carry with a notebook and even power the audio of a plain simple movie, or a rocksmith play.

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But i read an amp is not meant to work with the wide sound spectrum that Rocksmith music will output.




Also i read people saying you can blow a pc if you plug them.




But still an amp will not let you use it as a guitar amp and a PC speaker at the same time.


The Behringer can work as a RS cable but you'd still need a guitar amp...you can use the Line In on the Behringer to connect to the Phones/Direct Out jack on your Line 6. But really you could just plug that into your PCs Line In and just use the Behringer for the speaker.

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