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Complex Bends

PC Plum

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I'll start here but it may well be a DD issue.


I've done many complex bends over a few years and there is now a behaviour that is different and strange - I cant get them to appear in game!



EoF Notes




EoF Tech Notes




In Game










I have tried every combination I can think of in EoF and I can't get anything to appear except the straight line bend which fades out (like in the screen shot).


I'm 100% certain that would previously have worked in EoF (I remember doing loads of complex bends in my Pink Floyd/Gilmour customs).


I built the project in eof hotfix (5-3-2017) but I updated today to eof hotfix (7-26-2018) to make sure there wasn't an update which resolved the issue.


I am pretty sure there is something I need to do which I have not tried yet.  Can anyone make any suggestions?



Thanks :)


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It may well be since Remastered.  I made a GP tab from the resulting custom and all the note information (the full complaex bend) is all correct - so it must be something in the game.


I'm 100% convinced that would have been allowed in the past.  I'll find some time and play some old customs to see if they behave differently now.

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I found some nice examples







But, alas, I could not find any examples of a prebend followed by a bend up.


Whats strange is that in the second example there a prebend (two half steps), then a slight dip (to one half step), then back up again.  So clearly the game can go from a bent state to a higher bent state, but just not in certain circumstances I presume.


I may test in the near future.  Or I may read Berneer's guide again, he was pretty thorough and may well have examined this while compliing his guide/tutorial.


For now I'll need to leave it.  Pretty annoying as it's quite a nice part of the guitar solo :(

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  • Developer

It seems to me that there's only three heights the note tail can be in and the height for anything beyond a whole step bend is the same as a whole step bend.


There is a bend like this in "Sloe Gin" and the situation is the same.

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  • Administrator

@PC Plum the issue is about going above 2 half step which the game isn't great at displaying outside of the 3 arrows notation for all i know.


One thing you can try is to get rid of the second note and just have the first one have all the tech note needed which might change at least the number of arrows to properly display the 3 instead of the 2.

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