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Can't start up EoF


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I've been trying to open EoF, but it keeps saying "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item". I've installed EoF as per the instructions and I've installed the latest hotfix, but to no avail.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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Make sure you didn't put EOF in a protected area of the file system (ie. not anywhere within the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folders). Also try right clicking on eof.exe, selecting properties and seeing if there is an "Unblock" button near the bottom. If there is, Windows may be preventing the program from running properly because it knows that the program was downloaded from the Internet, so click Unblock, click OK and then see if EOF will start. If it still won't, your antivirus software may be interfering. You can scan EOF for viruses and decide if you want to whitelist EOF at least temporarily to see if EOF will then start.

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Thanks for your response earlier.


It's really weird, I just now tried loading my computer up to try what you said, but now something different happens. First I get the standard message from windows which says do you want this program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer and when I say yes EoF opens but with the message "Could not load all images! Failed on 76" when I click the OK button it just closes the whole program  :huh:

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If you are using an active system protection (anti-virus meets real time protection), so it reports a "CodeInjector" on "FretsOnFire.exe". Normally, every program shall move this to your quarantine. Same behaviour on "AutorunCreation" with the generated "Uninstall.exe". Maybe you just have to "trust" this to work like a charm. So, uninstall everything, check your AV program (you MUST SEE warnings and errors for decision - no auto-action!) an re-install.


"EOF 1.8" - e. g. - reports "CryptoMalware" in "oggCat.exe", "oggenc2.exe", "lame.exe" and a "CodeInjector" itself in "eof.exe".


Do you have to worry? Always. :) But: AV programs are using algorithms to find crappy stuff inside software (incl. while installing) - while rendering software (e. g. "uninstall.exe") it's possible to get such a search algo "positive" (as a "false positive") and your software blocks the finish line - so parts of your installation are missing.


Best regards

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