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  1. Hi, thanks for your offer and trust having a look at I4. You will do I4 very well - just keep this feature above in mind. After a release I will have a look at it and send you tickets/reports/hints/suggestions. ;) Keep healthy and bye.
  2. Hi, well, I am not the administrator, not a crew member, but can possibly help. Especially your 2nd question ... Customforge uses many tracking tools (without questioning; based on possibly GPDR if you are from France), uses Facebook Connect, Ads, Google+, lijit/sovrn, s-onetag and so on. Every plattform needs bandwidth - every call here, calls the other plattforms and tracks your movement. Well, if other plattforms are low on performance, you will recognize it on every visit here. Maybe those services are not as spread as Google, Facebook (much better server architecture). So, every call tries to reach the required server. How to see this: Every browser has its' own console - pressing F12 and you get it. Find a tab called "network", "network analysis" or similar. After (!) opening press reload (STRG + R, F5, ...). You will see ever (!) connect CF makes to show its' page. Every line needs time (colored bars) ... there you will find the primary reason for slow connect, IF it's fault on side of CF. Everything else: - temporary files in system/browser - active malware, part of botnet, tons of useless plugins in your browser, ... - using a proxy (well-known/unknown) somewhere in the world - servers too far away (as mentioned with architecture) and delay by DNS checkup - things in your browser you won't like (e. g. changing links) - lots more ... Suggestion: - install CCleaner by Piriform to clean up your system and your registry - install plugins in your primary browser protecting your privacy (e. g. Ghostery, uBlock; has nothing to do with an active antivir suite) - use temporarily another browser you are normally NOT using for surfing (testing only; if same behaviour, possibly not the browser) Getting "slower" in Ignition could also mean "too many records for the data-tables". :D ... well, Ignition does 41 requests, transfers 2,35 MB for first view and den DOM is ready to render after 2,89 s (at all: 5,04 s). There are a few mistakes building Ignition, but there was mentioned, I4 (new version) is in progress. So, clean up your system first, install plugin(s) (at least Ghostery), check your globally connection (do a traceroute on console with this page and you will see a bottle neck; try another DNS server [depends on settings], ...) and try again. If you are using old IE oder even Edge: try another browser! ;) AND: "We have upcoming scheduled maintenance to be performed on Sunday around 9 PM EST. Please note the website will be offline for several hours." ... don't get scared. Question 3: 82 entries found ... no problem. I'll send you an PM with the link to this song.
  3. Hi everyone, dear Admin and devs, I was rumming on Ignition, searching a song of one or two bands. Suddenly I rememberd a song heard on my web radio and found a huge list of this band. Pressing the play-button in front is comfortable - pressing F5 to reload the whole search result to stop this song playing is not! ;) Pressing stop/pause calls this method: pause_Video('[number]', this, ytPlayer_[number]); The method itself calls player.pauseVideo(); and especially this method is not a function (reported on console; file: common.js line 185:9). Pls, I would appreciate a functional stop-/replay-button! :D Because it's bugged ... So, I opened Ignition and sorted by most downloaded songs - for this demo I've chosen "Nirvana". I almost adopted your current system, but using only jQuery. recordID = 2117; // your record ID; e. g. Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit if ($('#yt_'+recordID+'-playbutton').is(':visible')) { $('#yt_'+recordID+'-playbutton').click(); // this causes message in browser against auto-play } else { $('#yt_'+recordID+' object').replaceWith('<div id="videoDiv_'+recordID+'" class="ytPlayer"></div>'); } $('#yt_'+recordID+'-playbutton, #yt_'+recordID+'-pausebutton').toggle(); // switching play/pause button in visual If you use this in console, you will have a message in your browser because of "click()" in first condition - I am using your attribute of an event handler. So, pls accept auto-play in this test. ;) Well, "Smells like teen spirit" starts playing ... firing same script in console will stop (!) the song and set the icons back. Pressing play again, song starts again ... and so on. Suggestion: Ignition would be faster, if not every part of a row have an repeated event listener for the same job (showing info box) - use the parent (the row itself) instead and define the action (showing modal or play/stop). Better use: functions like play/pause get their own column, so you can use an event listener for the info box on Artist, Title and Album without conflicting another event listener (play/stop). Two things to handle in your common.js with this solution above: - remove toggleButtonPlayer(buttonobj) from the lines and as a function (why mixing regular JS with jQuery?!) - remove player.pauseVideo() (useless and throws errors) it's even possible to remind the current playing song - but not in global scope of your current coding. Pls, think about object notation - so if another song is started, currently running one could be stopped. And this is what I call comfortably. :D And why you are using each song an ytplayer-DIV?! Use just one! Well, easy enough ... probably like this (untested): let ignition = { playing: 0, btns: [ '<i class="fas fa-play" alt="Click to listen" title="Click here to listen to the song"></i>', '<i class="fas fa-pause" alt="Pause playback" title="Pause playback"></i>' ], nowListen: function(i, yt){ // first stop ... if(ignition.playing > 0) { ignition.stop(ignition.playing); ignition.btnChange(ignition.playing, 0); } if (i != ignition.playing) { ignition.playing = parseInt(i, 10); if (ignition.playing > 0) { ignition.play(i, yt); } } }, play: function(i, yt) { if(yt.length > 0) { yt = yt.replace('http://youtu.be/', ''); } swfobject.embedSWF( 'http://www.youtube.com/v/' + yt + '?version=3' + '&enablejsapi=1' + '&playerapiid=player1' + '&hd=1' + '&loop=0' + '&autoplay=1', 'myCurrentlySongIamListening', '300', '300', '9', null, null, { allowScriptAccess: 'always' }, { id:'myCurrentlySongIamListening', class: 'ytPlayer' } ); ignition.btnChange(i, 1); }, stop: function(i) { $('#myCurrentlySongIamListening object').remove(); }, btnChange: function(i, state){ $('.btn'+i).html(ignition.btns[state]); } }; // use only ONE div for playing audio ... put this into footer or similar, but outside data table! // <div id="myCurrentlySongIamListening" class="ytPlayer"></div> // a link with Nirvana ... // <a class="btn2117" href="javascript:ignition.nowListen(2117, 'hTWKbfoikeg')" title="..."><i class="fas fa-play" alt="Click to listen" title="Click here to listen to the song"></i></a> Pls, this is no criticism - just my two cents to make this a little bit better for all of us. I don't want just to say, what should be done - more like how in advice. ;) Many thanks for reading and keep up your work here! Best regards.
  4. Hi SuperSonic, I don't use the UR22 for Rocksmith, but Audio-Production itself (after warm-up in Rocksmith :D). First time using the audiointerface I had an unexplained delay, too, and it had driven me almost mad. The solution was easy: it's not (!) USB-3 (port) compatible. In short: use a black usb port - not a blue one. After switching the delays were gone (or in an acceptable range; FL says, < 30 ms).
  5. Works like a charme now! After updating, having right templates, config works great ... damn, this should be a major update - not a minor. :D So, I have my first track inside ... wohooo! Many thanx, firekorn ... as said in the beginning: it must be something easy.
  6. This is a legitimate question - hmmm. Today is day 2 with EOF ... and here we go: Instead of using a created wem by myself, I placed the directory to wwise installation - 2016.2.x. Pressing "generate" shows up a new window - ogg should be generated to a wem file - ok. But: System.Exception Wwise audio file conversion failed: <ERROR> Could not find packed template: E:\rstoolkit\Wwise2016.tar.bz2 Inside of the directory there are only three templates: 2013, 2014, 2015 - no 2016. The crap: wwise Launcher doesn't offer older versions than 2016.1.x. So, tried to use wav instead - same ... again: <ERROR> Could not find packed template Wwise2016.tar.bz2 Forum search: nothing. Sorry for being an awful n**b at using SC. EDIT: holy crap ... old version ... I've seen it! In 2.9.2 there are the templates ... :ph34r:
  7. Hi firekorn ... indeed, I did it on my own, because it's easy enough (I thought) :rolleyes: . Hmmm ... but my config is not stored inside of SC. Everytime I open the config tab, everything is empty and I have to set it again and again. Any further clue? BUT ... I am going to try this in round about an hour. I will report the result ... B) EDIT: Well, I get an error log, writing about ... System.IO.InvalidDataException <ERROR> DLCPackageData is null ... RocksmithToolkitLib.DLCPackage.DLCPackageData PackageGenerate() This happens after setting wwise into config-tab and trying to ignore the input/selectable area for the compatible audio. Wwise is 2016.2.x (tried x32 & x64)... as recommended (read in log file). :(
  8. Hi everyone, I am so excited: I did my very first :D track using EOF (last and actual version). While trying to get a song to the wished result: there were some problems (reading in the forum or interpret error log was helpful). After hitting the "generate"-button (everything works well), there is was: my first psarc-file ... holy cow! Plugin guitar, turn the volume up ... ah, there it is in RS (but preview not playing; picture is present). Click ... let's rock! So ... track starts as all other tracks (originals and those from here). :wub: But: the grid doesn't start to flow ... not even the added silence at start. Well, I'd checked now - I would guess - everything inside of EOF: - yes, events are present - yes, default sounds are present - yes, sounds are set and named - yes, frets are okay ... like chord fingerings - sounds great, loud enough - arrangement type: just rhythm (hey, first try, guys!!) :lol: - no DD ... only at "amazing"-tab, just "pc", rs2014 ... well, I have no further idea. :wacko: In the SC everything works like a charme ... damn, I need help! The used sounds are from a found library (in this forum) - I tried using sounds of Creed's "Arms wide open" (clean and disturbed). After searching a while, someone mentioned to remove tech infos - but I don't know where to search/find. Any help to save me? :rolleyes:
  9. If you are using an active system protection (anti-virus meets real time protection), so it reports a "CodeInjector" on "FretsOnFire.exe". Normally, every program shall move this to your quarantine. Same behaviour on "AutorunCreation" with the generated "Uninstall.exe". Maybe you just have to "trust" this to work like a charm. So, uninstall everything, check your AV program (you MUST SEE warnings and errors for decision - no auto-action!) an re-install. "EOF 1.8" - e. g. - reports "CryptoMalware" in "oggCat.exe", "oggenc2.exe", "lame.exe" and a "CodeInjector" itself in "eof.exe". Do you have to worry? Always. :) But: AV programs are using algorithms to find crappy stuff inside software (incl. while installing) - while rendering software (e. g. "uninstall.exe") it's possible to get such a search algo "positive" (as a "false positive") and your software blocks the finish line - so parts of your installation are missing. Best regards
  10. Hi Zach, I had a similar problem: I wasn't able to start a song - crashes immediately (but not on a "bsod"); I only could exit by a dirty hardware reset. The reason was found fast: the resolution was changed before. So, if you changed something on your resolution, set it back to default (looks weird, but is working). So, if you changed something at your settings, you won't be able to restore defaults in the game (in my case). I had to modify "rocksmith.ini" inside of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Rocksmith2014" - open up the file inside of an editor and set ScreenWith (1280) and ScreenHeight (1024) back to their defaults (as named in the brackets; no unit after it or similar). Maybe this will help you ... good luck.
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