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  1. Hello! After being saved from the nervous breakdown by Firekorn, I was able to resume streaming and multiplayer with a friend .... happiness ^^ There is one thing I would like and can't find to improve lives and videos: it's a camera small enough to hang on the guitar, and withstands a few hours of streaming. By chance, I found this guy, who has the kind of cam I'm looking for, but I haven't seen the name of the product anywhere. An idea from your side?https://youtu.be/KDqdlA0GXQc There is also something else that could be nice, it's a camera on a pivot, which has a movement tracking system: being quite mobile since I play standing, that would be practical!I had seen a model that looked like it, but I did not remember the name, too busy running away seeing the prices! Have you ever had something like this? thank you ^^
  2. hello. Where is the song manager? I haven't seen it, but my game is in French, maybe it escaped me ...?
  3. Hi ! I would like to know if it is possible to modify the tuning of a CDLC? I love Sabaton, but many CDLCs have different tunings. And some tunings have absolutely ugly audio rendering. (and with my 4-string bass, the sound is not very good for tunings like the A220). So, just for my personal pleasure (and also to avoid having to constantly re-tune when I make 100% Sabaton streams), I would like to see it is it possible to simply modify the tuning of the CDLC? I obviously have the Psarc files, but I have absolutely no knowledge of the art of modding. thank you !
  4. Hi ! Thanks for help and sorry for the delay. I have a few lines that appear in red when I go to "network". But, strangely, tonight the site works better than the other day, and the songs of Linkin Park appear! Thank you very much for the song !!!
  5. Hi ! As the title says, I have lots of questions! sorry in advance for my bad english, i use a translator. 1 - The French topic, where is it? There was a place specially dedicated to discussions that are not in English, and I did not find it (has it been removed ?!) 2 - CustomForge is dead? I have more and more loading times on the website. Throughout the website. Is it normal that it is so slow to charge ?! 3 - Linkin Park does not exist? I would like to play "Given Up", I saw that there were a lot of CDLC of Linkin Park, and Given Up also exists. Only, on "CDLC Search", I find absolutely nothing. I did a search for Sabaton, and I find, which means that the search works ... ?? If you still have it in your files, I'll take it! thanks
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