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Does RS Toolkit place files or registry entries?

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I had been running RS Toolkit (an older version) for a few months with no issue from a network file location. Today, I used the auto-updater and it stopped working; it would give a Newtonsoft.json error. I looked and it seemed the updater didn't update the .dll file in the network directory from which I ran the updater.

So I redownloaded from the site, and extracted the files to a new location on my desktop. When I ran the toolkit, it at first simply didn't run. Once I replaced the files in the network drive with the newer versions, the toolkit would run from the desktop, but with a .NET warning about it trying to load something from a network location. This didn't make sense, because I was running the freshly-downloaded toolkit from my desktop itself.


This makes me think that the Toolkit is seeing some configuration information somewhere on my PC or user profile, or there's a registry entry or something that's pointing the Toolkit back to the network location.


Any ideas?



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It's running now, but if I run it from the desktop I get a warning that "an attempt was made to load an assembly from a network location." The only reason I can think it would be trying to do this is because I was previously running the toolkit from a network location. Note that this is with a brand new, freshly-extracted copy of the toolkit.



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I think I've gotten an error message like that before. It was because some of the Toolkit's files were blocked by Windows. Should be fixed by unblocking the zip file from the file properties before unzipping it.

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@@king_crimson tottaly true, open properties on your *toolkit release name*.zip and find unlock button on main page. and it's done. not sure how to overcome the issue without thees steps >___>

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