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Planning To Purchase My First 7-String, Need Your Opinion!


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Hey everyone, I've been planning to throw myself into the 7-string world for quite a while. I've recently formed a budget and I'm looking to purchase an "entry-tier" 7-string guitar that would be adequate in regards to price/performance. I've come across two models in particular and I'm willing to invest in one of them yet, I wish to hear you guys' opinions before I do so. Please find below the aforementioned models;










Any help would be much appreciated!   :plus1:



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Best bet is to hit your local guitar shop and try them out first each one will have its own neck profile and play ability to your liking. If your on a budget look for a use 7 string I recently pickup a used Ibanez rg7421 off of Craigslist for $120 usd. Also I see alot of used Douglas 7 strings 727 for around 100 dollar mark never tried there guitars but for the price it would be worth a look.

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The second guitar you linked to was $25,000 that's quite a budget :)


Beware of muddy B-strings.  I agree you should test one out first.


I have a model kind of like this: http://www.rondomusic.com/septorelt727ebcpflatbk.html

except with EMG pickups and probably a few other things


If you want to hear what it sounds like, I use it for (almost) all my playthrough vids:



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I have 2 Schecters and even the cheap one is a blast to play, i think you cannot go wrong there if you just have to shop online.

Of course - trying out would be safer!

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Just an heads up; I bought the Omen Extreme-7 and holy HELL, it's a great reference for a bang-for-the-buck guitar. There are some minor finishing issues here and there but, overall, i'm quite satisfied with the product. The pickups aren't the best either yet they certainly do their job quite adequately actually. 


The Schecter Omen Extreme-7, definitely would recommend...  :plus1:  

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