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Twitch Stream Setup



Just thought I'd share my new Rocksmith twitch stream setup, to maybe save some others a bit of headache---


(Stream is here if interested: twitch.tv/1o57_CuriousCodes )


Due to how I wanted my setup up to look, I'm using a separate computer for streaming than for running the game.  I'll talk about video first, then about audio.


I've got an i7 NUC (small Intel computer) running Win10 + Steam that I play the actual game on.  The video is fed into a el Gato stream capture that is connected to a second NUC.  (Both computers together are smaller than most desktops.)  The video from the stream/capture computer is fed through a 1x4 HDMI duplicator, and I show the video on a monitor in front of me, a 75" tv behind me, and a monitor at my synth/music desk.  


For audio:  I'm running a Yamaha mixer with USB, and that's connected to the streaming computer.  Audio out from the game/Rocksmith computer is fed into the mixer.  My bass guitar is connected as follows:  Bass guitar connects to a Lehle Sunday driver.  The Sunday Driver is connected to a Lehle P-Split.  One output of the P-Split is connected to the Rocksmith tone cable, which in turn is connected to the Rocksmith computer.  The other output of the PSplit is fed into the mixer.  In the Rocksmith game I completely turn down the Bass volume.  This way the game still registers as though I'm playing/scoring, but the actual sound through my monitors (and streamed, etc) is DIRECT from my bass (the signal) - this also allows me to do things like run GuitarRig or throw in actual physical pedals.  


I also have a mic connected to the mixer via XLR cable.



Rocksmith just hates playing nicely with other things, hence I run it on a computer by itself (it doesn't like it when you alt-tab out of it, it sometimes doesn't play nicely when run in windowed mode, etc)-  Taking the audio directly from my computer running Rocksmith into the stream computer via the mixer works WAY BETTER than using the audio capture from the elGato.  


Anyways, just thought I'd share....

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Which Yamaha Mixer are you using? I plan on getting the AG-06 and throwing it into the mix shortly. As it stands now my audio comes out of my PC and runs into a Technics 7 band EQ then out to a pair of Mackie CR3s on the desk and a Polk Audio 10" Powered Subwoofer under the desk. Still need to get the Yamaha in and get it hooked up along with my pedals etc. Have thought about streaming but  have been kinda lax in getting all set up. Most of my concern has been with audio.

I too run my bass volume turned all the way down and when I play I use a Y Cable at this time to split out to RS RT Cable and to a standard instrument cable which is plugged into my Eden EC10. When I set all this up I couldn't believe the difference it made. Everything sounds so clean.

If you have the same or similar Yamaha lemme know what you think about it. Sweetwater has a jamming price on the AG-06, like 2 hundy, and it does as much or more than many other similar pieces of equipment that cost a lot more.

I've also thought about getting a MG10XU.

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