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Handshape arpeggio with chord name


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Don't know if this has been discussed before, but it is possible to make an arpeggio using a handshape and display the chord name by making a chord with one note:





What do you think of such a contraption? Looks a bit weird when you're not used to it.


The abridged XML for that's pretty simple:

    <chordTemplate chordName="A" displayName="A-nop" fret1="0" />
    <chordTemplate chordName="A" displayName="A" finger2="1" finger3="1" finger4="1" fret1="0" fret2="2" fret3="2" fret4="2" />


    <chord time="11.996" chordId="0">
        <chordNote time="11.996" string="1" fret="0" />


    <handShape chordId="1" startTime="11.996" endTime="15.246" />

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As far as I can remember EOF doesn't support arpeggios/handshapes that have only a single note. Unless there's a convincing need for something like this, I probably won't pursue such a change because it would make EOF's RS export logic even messier than it already is.

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TBH, i don't see that kind of case as particularly useful, the chord name isn't something that is vital for playability so if it's too much of a mess to actually manage in EOF, better left it out than try to incorporate it.

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