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Why is my guitar never in tune?



Just a quirk I found in RS2014, dunno if anyone else has had the same problem, but my guitar never seems to stay in tune.


I'll tune it for one song, play, select another song in the same tuning or sometimes the same damn song, and I get the tuning screen again -- but my guitar needs to be re-tuned, usually lower again.


It's a little weird, but I usually just skip the tuning.


Its the same with all the guitars I've owned; first was an Ibanez SV540 Prestige and I'm currently using an EBMM JP6.  

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The game asks you to retune every time you start a song that isn't in the saved tuning. If you skip tuning it will ask again unless the next song is in the current saved tuning. It doesn't detect that your guitar is in or out, just that the song is in one tuning but it thinks you are tuned to another.

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Don't know if this helps but I have noticed some songs will say E standard A440 and the next song will also say E standard A440 but is actually slightly higher or lower. It may actually be E standard  A444 or something like this, not all songs fall exactly into any tuning category. so it could be a E standard song and be in the E standard category but vibrate slightly higher or lower

I have some songs like photograph Def Leppard says tuning is E standard  A427, and  T.N.T AC/DC says E standard A428 so the guitar maybe tuned for E standard A440 for most songs but this slight variation will cause you to have to retune.

I hope this helps in some way, its easier to do than explain. I think i confused myself lol

Good Luck 

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Variations from E-Standard are exceptions, 2/3 of songs are in regular E-Standard


It's nothing special to have to retune after a first song, as strings fit in place when strummed.

Before I play, after a tuning, I strum them, or bend them, and notice some will be out of tune.

Maybe you need to enlarge the nut, depending on the thickness of your strings.

By the way, you can always stop a song and check the precision of the tuning on the left bottom page.


You should also renew strings regularly, because old strings, like 2-3 months, won't hold the tuning, neither so well, nor so precise.

If you change tunings a lot, the strings will wear out faster.

Cleaning them helps against corrosion.


I don't need to retune for days, weeks, except for a slight adjustment on one or two strings, 

mainly after temperature change, climate change have an influence on strings.

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