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Favorite Songs to Unwind?



You know those days where work sucks, commute is terrible and you get home really late.

I like to crack open a beer and play some Rocksmith


What are your favorite songs to unwind, doesn't have to be anything complicated, just something that makes you feel better.

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Ok dudes, get your pen and paper for some good bass songs to unwind too. Don't be light on the smoke or whiskey (whichever you prefer- both is recommended). All are beginner to intermediate in order of difficulty starting with easiest. Most of these have lead guitar but when I'm chilling bass is the way to go.


Zero7- Somersault: is easiest and super chill, play for your date

            In the waiting line: play for your date if somersault didn't work

            Warm Sound: Super chill, ron burgundy flute solo, fun easy riff

            I have Seen

David Bowie- Lets Dance. Not exactly chill but cmon

Police- Walking on the moon: Too easy, play when cant walk straight but wanna chill

             Cant stand losing you

Simple Minds- Don't you Forget about me: not the most fun riff but nostalgia all over the place

Tears for Fears- Head over Heels: SWEET RIFF

Incubus- Dig: one of my all time personal favorite songs to play and sing. (play other incubus)

Gin Blossoms- Found out about you

                         Hey Jealousy

Jefferson Airplane: White Rabbit

                               Somebody to Love- I know also not very chill.... but Cable Guy


I have so many more but listing all these got me in the mood to shred!




Paused my game to add Pearl Jam: black (damn ex relationships, check the lyrics)

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