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Improved chordshapes.xml


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I have been working on a new chordshapes.xml file that includes all the shapes from the old one (with a couple of fingerings changed), with many new common and not-too-obscure chords added.

I've divided it into sections and added comments so if you want to find a specific chordshape, it should be a bit easier now.

Testing would be appreciated. Let me know if you find a chord that gets a wrong/weird fingering or a common chord that doesn't get a fingering automatically.


(Updated 2021-03-31, contains 159 chordshapes)

Download the file (the download button is in the top right corner) and move it to the EOF folder, overwriting the old one.


A few observations for raynebc:

A chord using the thumb (0) doesn't get applied correctly.

When asked to automatically apply fingerings, they are not applied to frethand-muted chords, though I think they probably should be. At least it would save me some time.  🙂

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Pending peer review, I wouldn't have any problems including a beefed up chord shape definition file with EOF.


I fixed the bug you mentioned about fingering definitions using the thumb.  This problem also extended to RS import.


About applying fingerings to fret hand muted chords, I'll have to decide what the best way to go would be.  I assume several authors don't care about the fingerings for these and if EOF began asking them to fill out fingering for those they could get annoyed.  I might have to make that a user preference, or not have EOF nag about them but allow them to be defined automatically by chord shape definitions.

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What do you think about this?

(Hopefully formatting doesn't make this tab unreadable)









These four chords show up a lot in customs.  It makes for an easier sight read if they aren't labeled with a name.  Official content leaves them blank quite often (if you need an example check out the Free Bird rhythm arrangement).  Usually they are used as "in between" strums when moving your hand up the fretboard.

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