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Can Someone Tab Vocals for Me?


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I'm attempting to write a cover of the song Teacher's Pet, often referred to as Zach's Song or School of Rock from the movie school of rock. I have everything pretty much done but I have no clue how to tab vocals. I have more details on this in the link below on Ultimate Guitar. If someone wants to help me please check the link down there and post either here or on the Ultimate Guitar thread. Thank you.



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The best way for vocals is with ultrastar creator (free) , you basically paste the lyrics in text form into the window then play the song, you then hit the spacebar in time with the words as you hear them in the song. when you are done you will have a file you can then import into your project.




 I doubt anyone else will be able to get the timing spot on for you a you are changing the the way it is played.  the original lyrics can be found here 

http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/s/school_of_rock/the_song.html copy those  into ultrasar and you will be golden.

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