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manual or other reference for eof


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like the header says, i'm interested in finding a manual or some listing of what options are where in the program.  i've been through several of the tutorials, but still find myself missing information on certain topics. it seems some of the tutorials take a lot for granted, or don't delve into areas that i'm finding issues with.   some type of reference would be wonderful for me as i'm an antique that likes to look through manuals for know how, not just search and find.  guess as i get older my patience for finding things is less.  thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction. 

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Or post specific questions.  If you are clear in what you are asking, and maybe post some screens, you'll get pretty comprehensive help on here.


The problem I had when I started was not finding out how to do stuff (cause I would ask and I'd get an answer) but actually knowing what was possible.


For example, when you use a new Paint program you pretty much know what it can do, it's just a case of findign the specific commands.  When you use a new spreadsheet program its the same, you know what function you want and you check the manual to find out how to implement it in that particular program.


The problem I had with EoF was that I had never used a program anything like it, so it wasn't a case of knowing what I wanted and finding the command for it, it was more a constant discovery the more I used it.


Point: just ask if you get stuck :D

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