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'Crazy' Chords, Chord Repeats, and maybe a pick slide?

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So two basic things, that I should probably already know by now, but here they are anyways.


I've noticed on some official tracks, there are sustained chords that look like they have had the 'crazy' modifier from EoF attached to them, like all of their individual notes look like sustained notes. 

There are a lot of these on the powerchords on Foreplay/Longtime. I've applied 'crazy' to a chord, but the chord remains unchanged, with just the chord showing, and the blue box that appears behind it to show it's length.


I need to put a single chord in a pane, with variations of individual notes being played, without breaking the chord diagram, much like the acoustic part to Wanted Dead or Alive, where the basic chord shape is shown, but individual notes are still hit without breaking the diagram. I've tried this once before, but the chords show up broken, with each note being shown, instead of the blank chord pane, like when you play the same chord more than once in a row.


I've also noticed the use of pickslides, used a lot on Help is On the Way, which basically just look like a messed up trill and an unpitched slide, but I don't know how they make it so jagged looking.


Any help to any of these would be great, heck they might even be answered somewhere, and I'm sorry for repeating these issues! Anyways thanks, and keep on charting!

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By default, the sustain for chords isn't reflected in the generated XML files unless certain techniques requiring sustain are applied to the chord.  You can apply the "sustain" status to a chord to force it to export all notes in the chord with sustain tails.


For authoring a chord with several variations occurring within the span of one chord being displayed in-game, it sounds like you want to use a handshape phrase.  Just author all of the chords and single notes you wanted to be displayed within the scope of that one chord animation, select those chords/notes and then use "Note>Rocksmith>Handshape>Mark" (or use the CTRL+SHIFT+H shorcut).


I don't recall pick slides being an officially supported technique in Rocksmith, so without an in-game picture I can't be sure, but I think notes that have both vibrato AND pitched/unpitched slide technique display similarly to what you've described.

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@@raynebc Pick slides is now always indicated as a tap+tremolo+unpitch slide in ODLC (dev talked about it during a stream) It might not be perfect but it's the way they decide to do it.

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