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song not starting in rocksmith


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I'm working on a song and it will load into rocksmith but when I try to start the song it goes into the screen as if the song was starting but it never starts. The fretboard doesn't show up, but the song preview works fine.


I recently made some changes to bends/tech view, and previously it had worked fine.


heres a link to the project: https://www.mediafire.com/?h7eu4i6x6z1zgil


Any ideas?

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At 5:08 you have a note on fret 3 linknext into a note on fret 5.  This should probably be changed so that the note on fret 5 just uses the normal hammer on status.


At 6:09 there's a note with both bend and unpitched slide status.  I don't know if the game supports this.


This probably aren't part of the problem, but at 5:53 and 8:33, there are tech notes that aren't applied to anything, you may want to check to see if you intended for notes to be underneath them.


If resolving those doesn't fix the problem, maybe somebody else has an idea.  Otherwise you could try removing little bits of the chart content at a time (ie. the recent changes), documenting what changes so when the chart starts working, we'll have an idea of what caused the issue.

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I would also make sure you use the last beta version of the toolkit and delete any showlight file that might have been created by the toolkit itself.

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The technotes that were displayed in red (not applicable to any note in the chart), should have had no effect on the XML that was written during save.  I double checked this and when I removed those tech notes and re-saved, the only thing different in the XML was the tag contents.  It must have been a coincidence that rebuilding the project fixed it, or something else.

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