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converting *.wem to *.wav

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I'd like to re-do a existing package to give it new audio. I thought the easiest would be just to unpack it and replace the *.wem files. I would just take the old and new audio into an audio editor to make sure the new audio is the same length and tempo and starts at the same time. Then I would convert the new audio to *.wem and pack with old arrangements and other files.

What is stopping me from this workflow is that I am unable to convert the wem file into something more usable for editing.
I have found this:
But it does not work for me, I do not get any oggs from wem in the target folder.
Has anyone succeed in converting *.wem files from rocksmith and how to do that?

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Opening the project and inserting your own audio would be easier, because there's a very good chance that the tempo will be different - as will the leading silence.

1) Open EoF and go to FIle>Load. Then load the notes.eof file that you've unpacked from the CDLC
2) Then use File>Load ogg to import an ogg version of your backing track.
3) if any syncing is required, which will most likely be the case, then follow any of the syncing tutorials in the Help>Tutorials sub-forum. Just not the one by SkepticSquid, as that method is less than ideal.

The Led Zeppelin Discography thread

learning to chart > asking someone else to do it

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Just use the toolkit CDLC Creator to 'Import Package'.  The toolkit will automatically convert the wem to ogg. 


You can find the ogg audio files in the "EOF" folder that is created during 'Import Package'.  Once you have the ogg file you can convert it using EOF to wav.  Conversely, the toolkit will take an ogg or wav audio file and convert it to wem when you 'Generate' a CDLC package. 


You need to have Wwise installed to be able to automatically convert ogg to wem with the toolkit.


The toolkit also has a simple feature to convert wem to ogg  and ogg/wav to wem if that is all you want to do.  Just click on the OGG tab feature in the toolkit.

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