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IgnitionFUSE™ Alpha Preview

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IgnitionFUSE™ Alpha Preview


We're getting closer and closer to an alpha build for our complete rewrite of Ignition.


Once internal testing is done and we're finished polishing FUSE we will release a public beta.


As a gift for being so patient here is a preview of our current build:

Please note anything can change and what you're seeing is definitely not final:




Noticeable features/notes:

  • The homepage will be rewritten before our beta to include the news along with stats on the right (or left) side. 
  • Subscribe to the Artist and/or Album
  • Unlimited Preferred Artists
  • New notification system on the bottom and loading screen
  • Speed increased
  • Tons of new themes to choose from. Style Ignition the way you like it.
  • Follow Users (not shown)
  • Requests built into Ignition. 
    And many other features not shown here. 

We're working hard so thank you for being apart of this community and supporting us. We love playing Rocksmith and can't wait to see what's in store for the future.


I wanted to mention we added the Last.FM API and we're working with a spotify developer to integrate spotify features (that can be enabled/disabled as some users do not like spotify)

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What is the purpose of the "Votes" column?


There was a discussion about quality issues of some customs - a general vote will not reflect anything in that direction.


As a suggestion (and maybe you've already something like that in mind) - give the vote feature to every user and add a group of users to evaluate their vote to get a classification of customs. Give them a list of criterias (sync, tab quality, quality of the rs charting, tones, audio, ...) and only votings of these users count for a classification. If more than +x of this group have added a vote display a label in the customs record. This will not discourage people from creating custom, they'll try to improve and fix their customs to get the label - it will not classify customs as "good" and "bad" customs, but you'll find customs where authors spent more time and polished everything.

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@@papillon The vote will act as "like" does on FB and is only part of the request system to gauge interest of user for a requested CDLC. It's not for quality evaluation purpose.

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