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I understand "HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic" is a virus alert based on heuristics, and could be a false positive. But Kaspersky Internet Security does flag the CustomsForge Song Manager (1.1, downloaded a few minutes ago) as being infected with this sort of virus.


Can anyone indicate if this is an actual infection or a false positive. If a false positive, can anyone indicate why it happens? 



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I have ESET smart security here and it is supposed to be good. Kapsersky just as well. But anyhow, I had no popups. I installed by "opening file" upon downloading, so I couldn't/don't want to find the install file to scan it for you, just so I could be 110% sure saying it was clean  ;) But my computer hasn't been hijacked yet it seems so, I guess it should be alright.


But if you haven't downloaded and installed it yet - been over 24 hours since your post. I would say that maybe next time you get an pop up from your antivirus you maybe can download the file and scan it thoroughly with your virusscanner - usually right mouseclick on an file. Before executing it. Even if it's just to ease your mind.


So no, no virus/Trojan warnings here.




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I've check the installer with Kaspersky Internet Security 2016, & there was nothing wrong with it.

(I've never encountered any false positive with Kaspersky Internet Security since 2009)

you should do a full system scan to be sure, your os may being infected before you download this file.

Do you have the 2016 rev ?

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I tend to have false positives with Avast too.  For both the Custom toolkit and song manager.  I have done a full system scan.  It keeps putting the executables into the virus chest too.  I have to exclude them after each update.  It would not do the update until I took them out of the virus chest too.  I have even had to turn off the anti virus to download the setup file.

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