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Sliding from sustained note


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Hello all. I'm going to try to explain the title to what I mean.


If I'm holding a note on the 10th fret and I slide my finger towards the 12th near the end of the duration of the note without hitting the string, then hitting the 12th note and sliding down but not to any particular fret, is there a way to model this in EOF?


Edit: Never mind. I've found a different way to get to the effect I wanted

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You might want to add how you did it, could be usefull for other people that have the same question and stumble on this thread


I know you can just use set up a ghost note at the end of the sustain and use a slide from that note.


But maybe it's possible to do this with tech notes too, since you can use slides in them. I just tried it in eof but the view doesn't change so I'm wondering RS would recognise it or not. Anyone know if that works? Or someone know the forum post with info about using things like slides/vibrato in tech notes? I remember seeing it in a thread but couldn't find it anymore last time I searched for it.

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@@ikwtif - that's right. So, schematically, slides into a note are like


linknexted note with slide -> note at end of slide


while slides out of a note are


linknexted note -> same note with slide (up, down, pitched, unpitched depends on context and often isn't indicated well in GP files. Use your ears).


And then you can have more complicated slides that combine these.


If you have slides that repeat a lot (e.g. chord slides in a verse riff or something like that) you can select all notes or chords with the same type of slide (up, down, or unpitched, but it doesn't differentiate between end fret) with shift+L ("precise select like") and add linknexts to all of them really quickly.

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