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Maximum Amount of CDLC Loaded @ Once?



Searched around a bit for this issue, did not find the answer so starting a new thread on it.


I am currently going crazy downloading all the wonderful stuff here, so now the number of songs being indexed by the game is in the thousands.


Seems like it has no effect on the songs (other than initial index/loading time), but I tried to play starchords earlier and it would freeze at the fake arcade bios screen.


I tried many things, and ultimately the solution to fix it was to prevent the game from loading so many songs.  Not sure why/how this has any effect, and wonder if it has other adverse effects too.


Is there any known issues like this or any guidelines as to how many songs you should put into the game at once?


Bonus:  What is every bodies preferred method to control your songs loaded?  I just changed the NTFS permissions on my folder so that the game can not access it.  I am thinking of taking the time to break it into more than one folder and put them on a separate HDD and build a junction so that it fools the game to thinking the files are in the directory when they are not.

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this was an issue with RS2012 as well as RS2014. you should start minding your file around 500 songs depending on your hardware. i made a separate file to keep overages in, in case i wanted to play a song i don't currently have in my RS folder without deleting it entirely. this will avoid crashes from resource intensive background programs, memory/processor/game crashes/slowdowns, and excessive load times while RS loads CDLC.

if it takes more than 30 seconds to load your CDLC it may be time to thin out your folder.

additionally, if you are getting lockup from songs try looking to see where there may be duplicate songs or songs that are in the folder but are not showing up in game which may require reformatting with the toolkit. i hope this helps.

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@@ViciousXUSMC - I've noticed that when I try playing a song before the game is done enumerating DLC it often "hangs" after tuning but before the song starts until the enumeration is done (even for songs I know to work well, and if I retry after enumeration is done, it goes without a hitch). It appears that the same thing happens for the technique games in the guitarcade (just tested). Is it possible that this is the problem you were having, and you just didn't wait sufficiently long?

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