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Progress/DD Bar Not Displaying in song



The best way I can think to explain it is by example - On one of my customs (Seek and Destroy), the progress bar that usually displays above the note chart, does not. which becomes a slight pain when considering taking the song into the Riff Repeater. Is there anything I can do about this, or should I contact comment on the record page for the creator to look into it?

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@@Hornet871 - That can happen because the song has over 100 phrases. It looks like the song is ~260 measures long based on the GP files I looked at, so if it has a phrase length of 2 (or a ridiculous number of sections) then it would have too many phrases. You could try changing the phrase length number in the toolkit by using ddc_remover (with a long phrase length, say 40), then adding DD with ddc_default with a phrase length of 4 (or longer).


I'd do this myself, but there are three versions of Seek and Destroy so I'm not sure I'd be using the right one.

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