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New Guitar Bridge - help + issue


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I am looking to replace my guitar bridge since most of the screw heads for the saddles are semi-broken/stuck, so it's hard to set up my intonation properly. I have a cort g254 with a wilkinson VS50 bridge. 


I was looking at some sites, for example this bridge (http://www.bax-shop.nl/gitaarbruggen/wilkinson-twl-108-mc-brug-voor-elektrische-gitaar-mat-chroom#productinformatie). But none of them have any information about the size, and even when looking for the specific bridge on google I just can't find any dimensions of the bridge. How am I supposed to know it's the right size for my guitar when there's literally no information anywhere? I'm really confused. 


I went to my guitar shop and the guy said, look up a bridge you want (and fits), found the same one on his manufacturer site he gave me (http://www.basvandenbroek.com/nl/product/21774/750/wilkinson/tremolo.html) but also nowhere mentioning dimensions for the bridge.


Are these just all standard sized bridges or am I missing something here?



Also have an issue with my current bridge. The bridge has slightly shifted/tilted towards the high e-string. I have a feeling it's because the screws are misaligned on the back. As you can see on one of the pictures there is one screw sticking out more than the other one, so I'm guessing I'll just have to adjust that one? Or is there something else that can cause this?









Any help is appreciated.

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The two screws on the back only adjust the tremelo.


Could you post a top view of your bridge?

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Well. I think I had a placebo effect from hearing a snap sound a while back and tought the tremolo bridge was tilted. No idea why I tought it had for this long to be honest as it should have been fairly obvious it really wasn't as bad as I tought (or why it was tilted). And putting on the backplate on it's wrong side for the picture didn't help with that  :D It was just one of the studs that keep the bridge in place that was lower than the other so it tilted the bridge a bit.


As for the new bridge. I just descided to let take of the bridge and let it sit in WD-40 overnight and was able to remove all the saddles and clean everything. Probably should have waited and bought new screws first but it worked to put it back together with the old ones. Next time i'll have to make sure I have screws to replace them tough so it's easier to do.



If the instrument means much to you as mine do to me, a trip to a professional luthier may be in order.


It does, but I find it fun to try to fix things myself first so I can actually learn something from it, instead of just letting someone else do it (and not having my guitar for like a week). It is sometimes quite scary tough if it's the only electric guitar you have and are messing with it  :lol: also probably saved quite a bit of money by now with doing most things myself. 

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