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rocksmith 2014



Not really good at computers, but I have a question.  Which site is the best for downloading the pc version of 2014 or should I just proceed with attempting to put custom songs on my ps3?  As stated not the brightest chicken with CPUS but I can follow directions pretty good.


I like my old rock (I am close to 60) and just want to put some things I listen to on rocksmith 2014 so I can learn to play.  I have the store bought version on PS3 now, but reading here leads me to believe to add custom songs easier it would be better on PC. 


I play to my wife and she and I are from the time when Rome fell and we love our old rock like the Beatles., Eagles, AC/DC, or maybe Heart.  It is our quality time.  


Any thought from the experts, all help is appreciated.


PS:  This site is awesome and thanks.


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The good news if you have a cable you should only need to repurchase the software.


Depending on your specs you may be surprised to find it can run on some low end systems. I was originially running it on an HP laptop that originially shipped with Windows Vista that I had upgraded to Windows 7 in order to get Windows 10 to run on it, which it did. I was able to run Rocksmith 2014 on this laptop even though it had less than a 2 gig processor and only 4 gigs of ram. The only issue I had was the video in lessons and the lessons in general were unusable, the rest of the game ran well enough to be usable.


Sorry I can't remember exact specs but they were pretty low.


If unsure, post PC specs prior to purchasing the software.

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I can run RS14 on a Toshiba Satellite.  Slow as hell and all settings minimum but it works.  The actual audio latency is fine, I leave it on auto and its never been an issue, but the screen (chart) lags like a mother.  To compensate I use the picture timing setting (the white blip in options) but even then it just feels a bit sluggish.


Yours sounds a lot newer though, as mine is an old AMD thing.


Should be fine :D

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Thanks, I did and it works fine.  I posted that I purchased this for 9.99 on sale till 27th. 

​I appreciate the help.  I noticed one or two of the songs in riff repeater did not have some adjustments, but this is ok.  I just wanted the songs.  Most work awesome.   I want to thank everyone here for doing  the hard work on these songs.   I may even try to get smart and do one to release. 

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