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RR and tech notes



Hi everybody


I'm having two problems.....don't know if they are linked.....anyway:


I set tech notes as always, but when I save Eof tells me this:




What do i have to do? Because i've tried to move back & forth the note, but the message was the same.


the weird thing is that all the tech notes are ok playing the song.....only one that was not behive the way i set it, was deleted previously (there was no way to fix it....at least for me)


The problem about RR is that only two sections are working in the middle of the song, even if the song is fully playable. I've already tried to fix it reading different threads (resnap notes, checking slides at the beginning of a section, using bpr), but i couldn't make it right



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Delete all sections and make them again.  It does not take that long really, like 10 mins.


-Delete all sections


-Save project


-Make new sections


-Save project



As for the tech note I don't know.  I do not use slides in tech notes, I don't even know if they work?


I think what you are trying to do, I would use a new note (a gem, not a tech note) at that position, make it an unpitch slide (Ctrl+U) and then attach the previous note using linknext (Shift+N) while the previous note is selected.



And lose the yellow lines omg, that must hurt your eyes :D

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Buon giorno,


Regarding the slides warning I just got that in my current custom because EoF imported a pitched slide as a pitched slide with no end fret.  Going to the note head and doing Note > Pro Guitar > Slide > Set End Fret (or CtrL+Shift+L) and defining the end fret value and hitting OK, removed the warning message for me. Otherwise the import only worked halfway for me, with the "Edit Pro Note" window showing me that Slide Up was selected (showing only a "/" beneath the paino roll) but the last authoring step of defining the end fret was neglected/


As your image only shows the note tail and a pitched slide down tech note I cannot really tell exactly what you are wanting to author but I am wondering what it is that makes you feel you require a tech note since the slide tech note is more meant to make different strings of a chord behave differently (ex: slide to different end frets).  Here my guess is that you just want to define a simple pitched slide that needs no tech notes, however the slide technote in combination with a sllide down status in the "Edit Pro Note" is something I can imagine works too.


By the way, moving the tech note shouldn't do anything to fix this. since the tech note on a sustain tail begins to apply it's slide effect as of the beginning of the sustain tail, regarldess where you place it. The only exception is bend technotes which apply a bend tag in the exported XML at the exact location where you place the tech note. Not the case for slides.


Hope this helps.


Edit: what PC Plum is suggesting about the linknext, if that is really what you are authoring, is covered in Example 13 of the Tech Notes Tutorial. There's a link in my signature. :)

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"A dreamer is someone who wants beyond what is reasonable. A hero is a dreamer who cannot take no for an answer." (Martin Spina)

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Check out the Tech Notes Tutorial Version 1.1 // Chordify Tutorial Rough Draft.

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Thank you guys :)

@PC Plum: about the sections......i've already tried it, without saving after delete them.....so i will try your hint ;) . about the tech notes....this is the solution i used, but i wasn't satisfied with te results because you have to hit the string at the beginning of the slide down; using the linknext feature, you can't see when you have to hit the string.....so imho it's not "guitarist friendly" :P

And about the grid lines.....you're absolutely right man.....my eyes were popping :D :D


@Berneer: First of all, let me shake your hand and thank you for your tutorial......it's a very useful guide since when i went deeper in  custom making.

I will follow your suggestion about tech notes and read once more your tutorial...expecially Example 13 :)


For both of you, this is the custom i'm talking about



EDIT: of course i will give you updates here

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So.....After some days it seems i solved both the issues. Concerning the teck slides, I set the linknext as suggested from PCPlum (thanx again)


The problem with the sections was caused from starting them without a gem on the marker (???)

Anyway...solved with this tutorial http://customsforge.com/topic/10520-creating-cdlc-tutorial-making-sections/


Thanx again to both of you guys

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