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How to edit existing customs scroll speed?



Hello fellow guitarists,


I have some songs that I wish to increase the scroll speed on as the provided scroll speed is way to slow for my liking. I have tried importing the custom songs into the Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit and increasing the scroll speed that way but when I try the new version the scroll speed is the same as it origionally was even though I have just changed it.


I have tried two different custom songs that both required speed increases but neither is any faster than the origional custom after generating a new psarc file. For those interested the two songs are.


-Fuzz Universe (2.5 scroll speed currently)

-Silence Followed By A Deafining Roar (2.0 scroll speed currently)


Both songs are by Paul Gilbert and I am hoping to set the scroll speed to 1.4


Thanks for taking the time to view this post. :) :)  :)

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Did you do the modification on the arrangement you want to play?

Did you correctly recreated the psarc after the modification in the toolkit?

Is there DD and if yes is at at 100% difficulty as this will change the scroll speed?

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Also, did you actually place the new .psarc in your dlc folder and remove the old one?


The way to know if you have been successful is if your score has reset to 0%.  When you make this modification in the toolkit, the toolkit will make the arrangements have new ID numbers, so the game will think it is a brand new custom.  If the game remembers your score from before the modification, then it is human error and you are playing the old .psarc (which would explain the scroll speed being unchanged).

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Hey guys, thanks for the responses.


I made modifications to the lead arrangment, I had no error's when generating the new psarc file and there is no dynamic difficulty so I can't increase that. I actually went as far as removing all my customs and only placing the new psarc file that was generated in the dlc folder and I still had the same problem where the scroll speed is slow. I checked the ID of the custom to make sure it isn't the same as the original arrangement.


I generated another version of the song and it had 0% for the accuracy as opposed to what I scored before but now I have another issue. The game freezes immediatly after selecting the song. I looked into possible causes and found suggestions to re-install a direct x 9.0 (D3DX9_42.DLL) driver as some posts suggested that may fix the issue but I still get the hang after selection :(


I also tried removing all the arrangments and made a new one with the lead.xml and wem files provided after importing into the toolkit. I still have the same issue where it hangs after selecting the song and I can't do anything besides alt + f4.


Thanks for all the help, it's greatly appreciated.

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