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  1. Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I made modifications to the lead arrangment, I had no error's when generating the new psarc file and there is no dynamic difficulty so I can't increase that. I actually went as far as removing all my customs and only placing the new psarc file that was generated in the dlc folder and I still had the same problem where the scroll speed is slow. I checked the ID of the custom to make sure it isn't the same as the original arrangement. I generated another version of the song and it had 0% for the accuracy as opposed to what I scored before but now I have an
  2. Hello fellow guitarists, I have some songs that I wish to increase the scroll speed on as the provided scroll speed is way to slow for my liking. I have tried importing the custom songs into the Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit and increasing the scroll speed that way but when I try the new version the scroll speed is the same as it origionally was even though I have just changed it. I have tried two different custom songs that both required speed increases but neither is any faster than the origional custom after generating a new psarc file. For those interested the two songs are. -Fuzz Un
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