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Relative/Sounding Chord Name Selection

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I thought a good suggestion for a possible upgrade to the toolkit would be a selection for whether you want an arrangement displayed in relative chord names or sounding chord names.


At present it's done in EoF and it's a pain to change manually if you have a custom that you'd really like to have in your own preferred style.


A drop down menu in the arrangement/edit window in the toolkit would be peachy :D



Just a suggestion...

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You mean if there is a capo and you want to show what chord sound  or chordshape is charted?

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Yeah, so it always says nice chord names like E, Am, C, Em instead of D#, G#m etc no matter what the tuning is or if you are using a capo or not.



Essentially, it's what "Ignore Tuning/Capo" does in EoF.  But there are problems associated with going back to EoF stage in other people's customs and it would be nice to be able to change it to your liking in the Toolkit.



I can imagine it's a tonne of work though, just a nice thought really :D

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If you imported an arrangement into EOF and re-saved after having it ignore the tuning/capo, you could go Dr. Frankenstein on the XML files and copy chord template definitions from the new XML to the old one. They would have to be in the right order though. It may almost be easier to import into EOF to see what it calls each chord and manually edit the chord templates in the original XML.


Having the toolkit do it automatically could be complex, as it would involve having to build a chord lookup system, but the logic in EOF could probably be adapted relatively easily.

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I am both hopeful and in awe of the lack of response from master Cozy.


I can dream up the pseudocode, but executing it successfully is another matter :D


Or the Rocksmith Import function could be improved...  I could initiate testing (to see what actually needs fixed) if you wanna have a look?


I'd guess 99% of customs were made with EoF so there should be massive indicators early on in the XML to see which key it's in.



It's a huge task I know, and one which would only yield changes to a personal preference.  But you dev guys like to fuck with your programs as much as we all like to make customs, so its win win all round :lol:

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